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OnlyHer Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – you play as a man married to your long time friend as the both of you try your best.

Developer: WarmBeerProductions – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.6.3
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Animated, Big Ass, Big Tits, Blackmail, Cheating, Creampie, Male Protagonist, Handjob, NTR, Multiple Endings, Vaginal Sex, PoV, Sandbox, Creampie, Oral Sex, Sexual Harassment


In OnlyHer, you play as a man married to your long time friend as the both of you try your best to avoid all the struggles of daily life! Your day-to-day actions impact how your wife acts around you, and it also affects how much influence people around you can have on her.​

OnlyHer Free Download
OnlyHer Free Download
OnlyHer Free Download

+Fixed a bug that prevented the quest-log to display properly
+Updated some music tracks

+Fixed a UI issue at the start of the game where you input your name. It should be easier to read now
+Fixed a bug that would not remove the desktop overlay causing it to block certain scenes (again)

+Fixed a bug that would cause you to skip days when talking to Chou for a second time during your first visit to the office
+Fixed a bug that would teleport you back to a previous day when playing the clicking minigame for the third time if you’re on certain paths

+The new update introduced over 1000 new images, over 13000 lines of dialogue along with many new animated scenes, specifically 8 fully animated ones!
+The introduction of a new art style! There will be significant improvements to visual clarity!
+The previous intro has been entirely removed, replaced by the new one which will play on for the first 7 days of the game. After reaching the first Monday, you are then placed into the free-roam section
+Reworked the intro section, introducing a new “guide” feature to help out new players especially during the first few days. Icons will flash to prompt the player where to go next
+The implementation of audio to the game that will take place throughout the narrative and gameplay! All the audio has been properly configured into their correct channels, so feel free to turn off music if you prefer playing without it, but still want to hear the sound effects
+Implemented audio to some of the in-game’s laptop features, mainly when you click on an important file or program, and when you turn the laptop on!
+The game’s main UI has been updated and clean up! It should be much easier to navigate now!
+There is now a new minigame where you have to click your mouse a certain number of times. This minigame will playout multiple times in the intro and will determine certain choices later on
+Introduction of many new locations, including a new beach area, a new office area and a few new ones that I’ll let you experience yourself. These locations will play a part in the future
+Removed the “early-endings” that existed previously. Any path you take during the intro will lead you to the free-roam section regardless of what you choose. The new choices will auto-translate to the free-roam section just like it did before
+Reworked Chou’s hacking mechanic, making it a slower process that take place over a day
+Chou’s computer has received a minor UI rework
+The introduction of new variables that lead to new routes, which will all play a huge part in the future
+Updated file organization for better management! This was a huge task behind the scenes
+Many bug fixes

+11 new main events for Timmy!
+5 new main events for Will!
+Reworked the area where your wife works including new renders and interactions!
+Reworked the e-mail system for easier navigation!


This update’s main focus is Tyrone since he won the poll, followed by the main character being a close second. There was also a new character introduced, Timothy, along with a new phone texting system implemented! The animations also had a huge increase in quality, implementing proper jiggle physics and true penetration. The locations (mainly around the house) also received a much needed update to their visuals, bringing them closer to the current visual style of the game.

This update includes:
Tyrone: 4 new main events along with 3 new extended side events
Main character: 2 new interactions you can have with your wife in the bedroom
Timothy: 6 new main events along with a handful of side interactions that will progress his story

This update introduces a new character along with MANY changes to the world’s structure, including major changes to most existing character’s schedules and events along with some minor tweaks on how to level them up.

The update also introduces side events! These are optional events that you unlock once you meet certain requirements, so they aren’t required to progress the main story at all. Also, they are not covered by the quest-log, so players will have to figure these events out for themselves.

Characters and routes:
-Added a new character, Shuchang, along with 14 new events! Shuchang’s events, especially the latter ones, can differentiate heavily from one and other depending on your path
-Majorly revamped Chou’s overall route while also adding 5 new main events along with 4 new side events
-Added 4 new main events to Rick’s path, along with 4 more new side events
-Added 3 new main events for Bella, along with A TON of new features added to her route! Once you reach a certain level with her, you can begin chatting with her daily to raise her love for you, which in turn will eventually allow you to ask her out on dates and such
-Added 1 new event for Will, along with implementing him into the open-world. He now works at the cafe during weekends!
-Reworked some of Tyrone’s route, mainly during his level 3 and 4 events. Also, he now has a 25% chance of visiting you uninvited if you are not on the cuck path after reaching a certain level. This is activated whenever you interact with the wife when she’s in the living room
-Added an intro/warning when you start the game for the very first time. The option to skip the intro won’t appear until after having played it at least once! This applies to everyone!

Quality of life:

-HUGE update to the code of the game. Players will notice little to no changes during gameplay, but behind the scenes, this code update has helped immensely. I’m sure it will help with future updates too!

-The gallery is now split into 2 main folders: Main routes and Side routes. As mentioned earlier, the main routes are for scenes from the “main story”, and the side routes are from side events!
-Heavily reworked the quest-log which will help immensely with leveling up some routes that aren’t quite as straightforward
-Added a minigame where the player can bet on horses when interacting with the TV. This will act as a quick but risky money-making method
-Reworked the map system for easier navigation, now with mini icons on the bottom right of the screen
-The odds of your wife being home have heavily increased during week nights, and she will always be home on weekends (unless a character route requires her be elsewhere)
-If you are not on either of the cuck paths, going to bed with your wife after she’s engaged in “activities” with other men will have her acting grumpier than usual
-You now access other people that you’ve hacked directly through the h_e.exe program on your desktop rather than having to go through my computer and find the files. All the previous files have been rearranged for this as well!
-Remastered ALL of the intro animations (Keep in mind these aren’t the actual reworked animations for the intro as of yet, but rather tweaks of the existing renders by some modifications to their timing and effects for a smoother animation experience!)
-Watching TV with either Rick or Tyrone now also increases your wife’s love towards you (on earlier levels)
-The game now has a new icon that applies to both the application icon and desktop icon!
-Images are all now in the WEBP format, reducing the game’s file size immensely while also providing faster loading! (Original game size was over 2 GB, but it’s now around 1.2 GB)
-Updated the overall UI, and increased the visibility of some small buttons to become bigger and clearer
-Added many new effects and transitions all throughout the new events and some old events so the gameplay is less choppy

Bug fixes:
-Fixed MANY bugs for Chou’s route, including:
+Game breaking bug that prevented progression once you reach level 2 and check his mail
+Bug that skips some of his events if you decide to talk to the wife at specific times of day
+Minor bug that showed the wrong emails and scenes for the wrong character level
+Many other minor bugs during his route
-Fixed a bug where if you reach Burrow’s max level, he stops asking for money every week
-Fixed many small errors when talking to your wife at home, and some of her interactions
-Fixed a small bug where certain emails were shown at wrong locations (mainly during the intro)
-And MANY small bug fixes and dialogue updates!

How To Install OnlyHer

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

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