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Move The Chains [v0.2 Bugfix]


Move The Chains Free Download Latest Version

Move The Chains Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – After nearly a year behind bars, you find yourself free once more.

Developer: MissFortune Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.2 Bugfix
OS: Windows, Linux, MacAndroid
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, Big ass, Big tits, Harem, Milf, Petite, Creampie, male domination, Futa, vaginal sex, animated, Anal sex, Impregnation, Spanking, Oral Sex, Group Sex, Mobile game


Touted as the nation’s top cornerback, a five-star recruit out of Inglewood with scholarship and NIL offers from some of the top schools in the country, you finally have your goal in sight. Getting yourself and the woman who practically raised you out of the dump you called home. But the reality you worked yourself to the bone to create comes crashing down on the night of the semifinals against Mater Dei.

After nearly a year behind bars, you find yourself free once more. Knowing that no school was going to come near you, you resigned yourself to life beyond football before that gavel even came down. That is, until you run into a mysterious someone behind sunglasses – a two-time Superbowl MVP – looking to recruit you to the Texas A&N Wolves. But before you can even get past the starting pistol, another obstacle lands right in front of you. An obstacle that forces you to take matters into your own hands.

Thrust back under the bright lights of the college sports world, you immediately draw both ire and praise, both slander and vindication. But within the hurricane that is your newfound stardom, you not only stumble upon yourself, not only upon redemption, but the many new faces around you. But with the light comes dark, and with new faces comes different paths. Can you handle the temptations that come with a second chance?

Move The Chains Free Download
Move The Chains Free Download
Move The Chains Free Download

v0.2 Bugfix
– (Hopefully) Fixed locale settings for Linux/Older Windows.
– Added a modal to preferences screen to avoid starting game accidentally
– Fixed Typeface/Outline submenu bug that was causing a semi-freeze if entered via the main menu

The was a more story-heavy update as the final few central characters are introduced. Sex will likely slow down a touch with any of the main characters over the next couple updates. However, I’ll be introducing something a Tinder-esque app into the VN where MC can have one night stands with random girls, trans women, or whatever your flavor may suit (make sure you leave the LGBTQ+ switch on, if you’re into that.). These will likely be one-off characters, maybe another appearance at some point barring a riot from players over one of them.
The next couple updates will focus on getting to know the girls, setting up dates, and stuff of that sort. As the season looms closer, MC gets a chance to hit the turf running thanks to a certain someone asking for a favor. I won’t be spoiling anything, though.
For those who it isn’t clear for: If you’re coming from S01E01, you will have to restart.
Changelog for S01E02:
820ish new renders, depending on choices
19 animations, SFW and NSFW.
Added a gallery with for character renders, lewd scenes, and lewd animations, and eventually highlights. Still a bit of a WIP, but it should be functional.
UI makeover/update. Nearly done, but needs a few touchups. Namely optimizations of some buttons, as they’re causing a bit of a lag.
Glossary for American Football terms, there’s clickable words that pull up the definition for it, along with the full gallery up in the top left of the screen at any point you need it. Feel free to toss words out you might not understand and I’ll be sure to add them eventually!
Menu for stats, prep for superstar traits. Also added a space for money in the game menu, with animated icons for depositing and withdrawing said money.
Added a brightness slider which is a bit funky still, but still functional from what I can tell. (Credit to crabsinthekitchen, Stolen Rose, and Pickerlewd), Streamer/SFW mode, an LGBT toggle, along with one for optional letterboxing (artificial widescreen).
Added a tutorial for UI that explains all of the little niche stuff.
Not really a ‘update’, but something to be noted:
Removed Steam-violating content (in the writing, not the visuals).
Changes since the previous tier releases:
Fixed Main Menu preference screen lock bug
Adjusted some dialogue in a certain scene
Added changelog information into the game.
Fixed label bugfix for choice leading to traceback
As I’ve previously mentioned, this was a fairly framework-heavy update alongside it being a bit more story-driven. Part of the reason it’s a bit smaller than I’d like, along with just being busier than I’ve expected. Thankfully, a lot of what was done in this update will make doing certain tasks that take a while a bit quicker (like adding music + music attribution, gallery additions, etc.).
Anyways, here are the links. Feel more than free to point out typos, bugs, errors, and anything you come across that doesn’t seem normal. There’s likely going to be a couple kinks with such a large UI overhaul that I probably missed some. And everyone knows the deal with typos. Pretty easy to go textblind sometimes.
One last thing, keep an eye on the about page. I’ve added an image that’ll be updated daily (or every other day) with where the current progress is. We’re currently making pretty good headway for Episode 3 at nearly 200 renders. Once the public release is out, I’ll be adding and pinning the image on a post for the main feed for people to more easily see.
That’s all for now. I hope you guys enjoy Episode 2. Sorry again for the delay (won’t go into why), but expect Episode 3 to be out significantly faster!


Initial Release

How To Install Move The Chains

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Move The Chains Free Download








Incest Patch: MEDIAFIRE


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