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Mating Season [v0.2i]


Mating Season Free Download Latest Version

Mating Season Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – Your parents have passed, leaving you with a once proud farm that has sadly fallen into disrepair.

Developer: Love OS Games Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.2i
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 3D Game, Animated, Male Protagonist, Futa/Trans Protagonist, Female Protagonist, Anal Sex, Exhibitionism, (OPTIONAL) Futa/Trans, (OPTIONAL) Gay, Harem, Pregnancy, Vaginal Sex, Voyeurism, Adventure, Management, Monster, Monster Girl, Humor, Romance, Sandbox, Trainer, Simulator, (OPTIONAL) SUPER STRAIGHT SEX


Your parents have passed, leaving you with a once proud farm that has sadly fallen into disrepair. As a first-time monster breeder, there’s only one thing to do – screw your way back up to the top! Explore bountiful woods and moist caverns, searching for exotic creatures to add to your collection. Breed a bevy of buxom beasties, either by playing matchmaker or by getting first hand experience. And if country life has got you down, there’s always a shoulder to cry on, a lap to sit on, and a hole to fill in town. It’s time to grab your destiny, and it’s big enough that you’ll need both hands.

Mating Season Download
Mating Season Download
Mating Season Download


  • New Fruit: Penana
  • New Monsters: Demon, Harpy
  • New Status System (+Removed Agility and Virility)
  • New Player LvUp + Player Skills
  • Revamped Traits Mechanics (Removed Thicc & Thin)
  • New Catching formula
  • New Pregnancy Formula
  • Produce item quality
  • Equipment System (Inventory/Equipment) – sold by Rose
  • Missions System (Dispatch Quest) – talk to Guild’s desk
  • Remove whacking trees and stones and tools – can pick them up
  • Skip sex scene (option to end sex scene immediately)
  • Removed Season from the game
  • UI: Added Breeding count in status window
  • UI: Monster Name Change
  • Artist Mode: Censored/Streaming Mode
  • Artist Mode: Nipples Color
  • Milker sold by Rose
  • Merge male + omega, female + futa palette


  • BUG: Fix game settings cursor disappear after clicking a setting
  • BUG: Branch doesn’t disappear after killed
  • BUG: Shadows flickering when crouching down
  • BUG: Shears/Milker bug when used on monsters

Known bugs

  • Mountain lag (still not fixed yet)


  • New Monster: Elf! (Near the lake, to the right side)
  • New Town Map: Town Redesign
  • New Sex Scene: Doggy
  • Pick Sex Scene (Heart/Missionary/Doggy)
  • GUI: Dialogue keyboard shortcut (Space Bar, Response Numbers)
  • New Cheat: Get a monster of any race by talking to LoveOS NPC!
  • Artist Mode: Hair Choice
  • Artist Mode: Neck Length
  • Artist Mode: Elf Tattoos (x3), female pubic hair (x3), and male body hair (x1)
  • Artist Mode: Glow effect
  • Artist Mode: Time slider (Preview Day – Night)
  • Artist Mode: Removed Legendary from color palette option
  • Continuous Run toggle
  • Randomized offspring race (if both are monsters), instead of default to the pregnant breeder’s race

Bug Fixes

  • BUG: Fixed custom palette inheritance when breeding custom monsters
  • BUG: Artist Mode – when changing color, material values are reset
  • BUG: Removed pickaxe and axe from shop because player gets them at the start of the game
  • BUG: Fixed crash that happens sometimes when a monster is spawned


Bug Fixes

  • BUG: Sometimes BGM won’t play
  • BUG: Monsters who are caught don’t have random names
  • BUG: Cannot insert whitespace/special characters in ranch name textbox

Development Log
Here’s what we’re working on in immediate future:

  • More monsters
  • More sex scenes
  • Reworking stat system and breeding mechanics
  • Removing lag when monsters spawn in mountain


  • New Monster: Bunny! (Trait: Sex Machine – Breed 2x/day)
  • Sex SFXs (M & F)
  • Turn off female/male sex SFX on Settings
  • Settings Toggle: Naked player
  • Updated NPC Art Fullbody!!
  • Quest Board has weekly quests
  • Dating System
  • New Feral: Wolf!
  • SFW Streaming Mode: Censored Mode!
  • Replaced invisible barriers with cliffs
  • Better Random (Catching Chance, Generating Monster Randoms)
  • Separate NPC functions with shops
  • Add more bush to make catching easier
  • Gender icons for wild monsters
  • Notification when damage does 0 to trees
  • Game is paused when losing focus
  • Gameplay design, plot progression for 7 days of game time

Dating System

  • Talking 1x/day increase heart exp
  • Heart indication in textbox dialogue
  • Gifting (Gift selected item in hotbar)
  • Settings to disable romantic interests of certain genders
  • Birthday!! (Rose: Spring 10th, Eric: Spring 22nd)

Bug Fixes

  • BUG: Hotbar items and even if you put it in the storage it remains on the Hotbar and can even be used
  • BUG: My status stayed at everything 1 even if i level skills also i always have 3 skillpoints
  • BUG: Free camera during sex need to be limited
  • BUG: textbox full text revealed then next frame slowly revealed from 0 char to full
  • BUG: low stamina lv (1), jump off and forever falling animation
  • BUG: Stamina 1 cannot auto attack
  • BUG: Throwing collar glitch when running out of stamina
  • BUG: When crouching and catching, the monster notice you even if they didn’t before. throwing = no sound as well? cooldown?
  • BUG: Monsters still tired the next day after breeding
  • BUG: Remapping the E (action) key is partially broken. I remapped it to U and it does not work for talking to LoveOS, or moving locations, or the workbench, or maybe one other thing which I forget – but it does for interacting with other things such as town inhabitants, logs, rocks, plants, shearing monsters, breeding monsters and so on


  • Free Camera during sex
  • New Monster: Naga!
  • New Trait: Bootiful
  • Hotbar
  • Drag n drop inventory swap position, hotbar assignment
  • Game Cheats – Talk to LoveOS
  • Skittish Wild Monster AI (Tauriens)
  • Bush = stealth, but if you’re in combat bush doesnt matter
  • Crouching = no footstep noise, help with stealth
  • If monster is aware of you, or if you’re in combat with the monster capture rate is much lower
  • LockOn UI indicator (Press TAB) for capture chance: Green = High, Yellow = Medium, Red = Low
  • Passing out animation when 3AM
  • Save button in menu
  • Toggle Inventory shortcut: I
  • Jiggle reimplemented
  • FxF and bottom Snake animations are unavailable so they will be replaced by a heart icon instead when breeding. Their sex scenes will be added later.

Bug Fixes

  • Inventory: more than 1 same item stacks not saving properly
  • Fix inventory action panel error clogging up the error log
  • Nap fade blackout multiple times, character can still move but theres a black screen
  • Can catch a monster that is already being caught, producing errors
  • Forever loading screen.
  • BGM randomly turning off when leaving a location

How To Install Mating Season

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Mating Season Free Download




Incest Patch: MEDIAFIRE


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