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Masters of Raana Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – is an open-world RPG set in an abandoned colony, Ikaanos..

Developer: GrimDark – Patreon – Subscribestar 
Censored: No
Version: 0.8.3
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG, 3DCG, Male protagonist, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, RPG, Combat, Adventure, BDSM, Anal sex, Group Sex, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Humiliation, Creampie, Male domination, Trainer, Slave, Rape, Turn based combat, Management, Prostitution, Spanking, Character creation, Sex toys, Romance, Mobile Game, Pregnancy


Masters of Raana is an open-world RPG set in an abandoned colony, Ikaanos, that desperately tries to survive on a dangerous alien planet that was separated from Earth several centuries ago. In this god-forsaken world we find feudal-like kingdoms fighting amongst themselves for power and influence, when they’re not busy dealing with the monstrous megafauna that threatens the last bastion of human civilization.

On this planet, Raana, we find our MC – a nobody who has just inherited a house from his older brother, a renowned slave trainer that went missing over a year ago. Master of Raana’s open-world approach allows you to do anything; live as a quiet factory worker, a thrill-seeking adventurer, a scavenger, an academy master, a famous arena champion or anything in between.

You could also take up your brother’s old profession and train slaves into obedient servants, academy professors, fierce shield maidens, or willing sex toys.

You’re also able to marry slaves, impregnate them and raise your offspring to adulthood, molding your children into anything you want; adventure buddies, accountants, guards or docile servants.

The planet of Raana also has many secrets to uncover, some you might stumble upon whilst exploring deep caverns or reading ancient books. There are many dangerous and hidden mysteries that lie waiting, ready to be discovered by those who seek the truth about Raana’s obscure past.

After That Night Download
After That Night Download
After That Night Download


Gameplay changes

Gameplay changes
* Slaves with a Ranged *or* Melee combat value of 40+ will now add one PV point to the MC’s household.
* Added new scenes to when Scavenging Kahill, Silfren and Sewo’s Bend.
* Terror from The Deep will no longer spawn during the first 100 days of a new playthrough.
* The Discipline increase chance from Horse riding has been raised.
* Added additional Power Value increases when owning 10+ million and 100+ million dollars.
* Donating Assault rifles to The Bandit faction will now decrease City Control with one point per batch, down to a minimum of 9.
* Owning HULC armor will increase your Power Value with one point per owned set.
* Damage output for the Aim command has been increased by roughly 70-100%.
* Using dildos during bondage can now increase Anal Proficiency up to 90 instead of 20.
* Almost doubled the money gained from selling slaves to Dockgrave Tavern.
* Burakumin Ichi can now only store a maximum of 100,000 rations.
* Burakumin Ichi can no longer exceed 500R/day in income (only active on new games).
* Roo’s General Store will no longer provide Investment income if it has been abandoned.
* Plasma rifles can now only be bought at The Transit Department (Palace District). Loot tables and plasma ammo (energy cells) remain unchanged.

The “drunk” variable has been expanded and will now have various effects in combat.

* The “Drunk!” or “Wasted!” states will negatively affect all chance rolls for Melee and Ranged combat (-15/-30).
* The “Wasted!” state will give you a Dodge Penalty (-20) against melee opponents.
* The “Drunk!” state will increase Melee damage output by 3-5 points.

New slave: Aisha (+quest)
Explore [[Aisha Hasan]], an 18-year-old virgin from The Palace district. Aisha is a bratty upper-class em-kid who can be acquired after completing her quest “In the name of God”.

In the name of God
A lengthy quest that starts with a letter in your mail box – after reaching 10,000 Influence and finishing 12 bounties ”or” completing Kymanto: Chapter 2.

World content

New district: The Palace

The Palace District is the crown of Emerald City, featuring not only the seat of the mayor but also:
* A requisition office (The Transit Department) where you can purchase or “borrow” forbidden technology and other artifacts.
* A very expensive restaurant (The Orient).

New district: Sewo’s Bend
An adventure district west from Kahill Outpost/Silfren woods. Planned quest and hunting location.

New armor: H.U.L.C.
The H.U.L.C. is a heavy, pre-severance utility armor with a very high Soak value (50). You can either purchase it in The Palace district or gather enough HULC parts to assemble a set of your own.

New weapon: Grenade launcher
Purchasable at Imperial Arms. A powerful weapon that also deals AoE damage. Uses grenade rockets as ammunition.

Events and politics
* Added 8 new Political Events.

* Converting from one faction religion to another, with a very high Standing (20+) towards the former belief, will now decrease that Standing with up to twelve points.
* Low Control (9 or less) will now raise even more income from House Carozza and Bandits, while adding a severe penalty to normal investments.
* Very high control (90+) will now decrease bandit faction and Carozza income with roughly 75%.
* There’s now a 15% chance per day that the Bandit faction receives +5 new recruits if Ikaanos Control is below 90. This chance, and the number of new recruits, increase further if Control is 49-/9- or if Prosperity is below 20.

Mortal enemies
* Carozza business income is no longer affected by the Republic standing bonus.
* Defeating House Carozza will now increase Republic Standing with ten points instead of five.

* NPCs now share the same armor system as slaves. You either have to craft or purchase sets if you want to upgrade a follower.
* NPCs can now wear Stealth armor.

Random slaves
* Added 1 new random slave sets (Av209).
* Added 30 new names (80% females, 20% males).
* Added 30 new surnames.

* Added 41 sex scenes for Aisha.
* Added 26 bondage scenes for Aisha.
* Added 3 arena scenes for Aisha.
* Added 33 wardrobe pics for Aisha.
* Added 1 dine pic for Aisha.
* Added 4 sex scenes for Av209 (Farah).
* Added 22 sex scenes for Av108 and Av207.
* Added 4 wardrobe scenes for Rachel and Averil (harness + collar combo) – Tier request.

Bug fixes
* Fixed a critical bug that would transport you to a no-mansland if you declined Major Valkess two times.
* Fixed a bug causing the Standing cap on The Church of The Two Moons to go beyond 70.
* Fixed a bug that would keep some slave ID’s from appearing at the random auctions.
* Fixed a bug that would create an empty box during the IMS Ulthar political event.
* Fixed a bug that would display responses to the “Strip!” command while out doing bounties.
* Fixed a bug that wouldn’t give INTELLIGENCE from the Case of Dexter Colt Conclude Day Event.
* Fixed a bug that would delete your primary slave when the secondary slot was having a “perished” event.
* The combat wrapper/frame should now have the same design as the rest of the game.
* Fixed a bug that wouldn’t increase Strength during an event at The Assembly Plant.
* Fixed a bug that would duplicate and auto-equip nipple chains during certain circumstances.
* Fixed a bug that would apply +15 instead of the +20 Science bonus to Techies.
* Fixed a bug that wouldn’t properly apply the Warrioress trait bonus at The Arena.
* Fixed a bug that would mention un-assigned prostitutes during a prostitution run.
* Fixed a bug that would create a kill-screen if you returned to Ashbury estates right after leaving it.
* Fixed a bug that would give you unlimited STRENGTH if you had a certain event at The Assembly Plant.
* Fixed missing header text after completing fights in The Arena.
* Fixed a bug that would display the wrong Beauty modification for Nipple chains.
* Fixed an income display error in the Wife Economy pane.
* Fixed several typos and missing variable apply errors.

Gameplay changes

  • Having a vaginal, anal or oral skill of 80+ will now decrease sexual wear 25% faster for that skill – if the girl is 25 or younger.
  • The Valkyria combat encounter in Marston Ave. is now more difficult and will not spawn until 30 in-game days have passed.
  • You can now hover over an NPC’s weapon or armor (in the interaction menu) to display information about damage and Soak values.
  • You can now donate rations at the Orphanage. Doing so will provide you with Influence, Affection boosts for followers and a small climb towards a more prosperous city (up to 75).
  • Virgins can no longer get the Nymphomaniac trait when their stats are generated.
  • Slaves and your Wife now have a 20% chance to decrease Kindness with one point down to 59 after a combat encounter.
  • Lowered the .50 cal rifle price by roughly 40%.
  • Prostitution fame will now increase sell value at slave auctions if Ikaanos’ Corruption is 75 or higher.
  • Slaves now gain experience from working as escorts.
  • All experience gains from prostitution are now capped at 100.
  • You can now enter Crystal Hills if your Devotion toward CTM is 50+. This free passage is also active during anarchy states when the Influence requirement is 10,000+.
  • Your slaves and wife will now get a small bonus to their STRENGTH training (included in MC’s session) if they have an active Brawler trait.
  • Raised the chance for a Devotion increase with 15% for girls participating in prayer sessions at home.
  • Food rations will now decay by 5%/day instead of a flat -25/day – when exceeding your food silo limit.
  • Encouraging your wife now has a 20% chance to increase her Kindness up to a maximum of 75.

Miss Winton
You can now acquire Miss Leia Winton through a mini-quest as long as you’ve had at least seven sexual encounters with her after completing The Prowler in The Depths chapter 2.


  • The way Factions generate money has been completely revamped. They start giving you “donations” and revenues already at Standing 15+, and continue to increase their revenues even after Standing has reached 100. They’ll only provide Influence boosts after 100+, however, just like before.
  • Decreased the Power Value bonus from factions with 50%. Investment factions such as Fort Sera are not affected by this change.


  • A prayer session at home now only takes 30 minutes instead of one hour.
  • An MC belonging to The Cult of The Elder can no longer donate, and thus gain standing with, The Church of The Two Moons.
  • An MC belonging to the Aesir, the Muslim faith or The Church of The Two Moons can no longer donate to The Catholic Church.

Random slaves

  • Added 4 scripted slaves (Av205, Av206, Av207, Av208).
  • Added 5,000 words of random slave background dialogue.

Domestic and Political events engine

  • Added 4 new Domestic Events.
  • Added 6 new Political Events.


  • You can now have anal sex with Loren – with a total of three new renders.
  • Having Armand as an assigned follower, with Affection Amiable+, now gives a flat 10% increase to the *cash power* variable when selling slaves at any auction house. This will roughly net you 5-15% more income for sold slaves.
  • Rifle Savant now accepts the .50 cal rifle in addition to a normal rifle.
  • Having a threesome with Adrienne and Michelle will now raise Michelle’s Lesbian Devotion up to a maximum of 60.
  • Added the third chapter of “The Case of Dexter Colt” – roughly 2,000 words of dialogue when doing Activities together with Mr. Colt.
  • Dexter Colt’s salary has been increased to $150.
  • Dexter Colt no longer has the ammo pack trait.
  • Dexter Colt can now change weapons and maintain the same ability (Crackshot) with any armament you decide to give him.

Combat revamp

  • There’s now a “Favorite weapon” framework that allows you to select a set of preferred weapons and toggle between them while in a combat situation.
  • Duraplate and combat armor now decay 35% slower than mid and low tier armors.
  • Combat Weave armor now decays 75% slower than all other armors.
  • Random capture engine testing phase is officially over: Stokke Hills bandit girl respawn rate has been drastically reduced to roughly once every three weeks.
  • Added a “Reach” combat feature that’s active for Great Swords and Spears, giving a small hit penalty for enemies fighting with shorter weapons.

New weapons

  • Spear (craftable, purchasable at various vendors).
  • Wakizashi – a shortsword sold by Haruki in Raikan. Has the “Fast” ability – which applies a dodge penalty for enemies.

New district (Raikan)
The MC can now visit Raikan, east from Watery Eyes. Raikan features several interesting locations.

  • A general store that sells weapons, crafting materials and other items. Offers a medium-sized quest called “The Ring”.
  • A seedy tavern mostly reserved for mercenaries and burakumins.
  • The holy Amiago water temple – dedicated to the princess saint of Raikan.
  • Toshi Gardens. An investment location that opens up after finishing Mai-Lynn’s quest.
  • Burakumin village. An investment/quest location that opens up after defeating The Black Scorpions.
  • The Black Scorpions. A yakuza-cult hybrid organization that offers a really tough fight.

New district (Kahill outpost)
A pioneer’s autonomous backwater town that features everything an adventurer needs.

  • The Goat’s Toe. A seedy tavern with two mini quests, some dialogues and a place to rest (Conclude Day).
  • Luke’s Empire. A simple general store that offers ammo and other necessities.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug involving the old Events Engine and the $latentgift variable, which would thrash a girl’s Affection and Happiness if you failed to supply her with sweets, take her to dinner or go to the movies after making a promise during a persuasion attempt.
  • Fixed a bug that would execute blank events during the Conclude Day phase.
  • Fixed a bug that would make Carozza Hall appear at other locations.
  • Fixed a bug that would reset the tribal spawns in Preacher’s Pond, causing the wrong type of enemy to show up during combat.
  • Fixed a bug that wouldn’t remove church donations (cash) from your Inventory.
  • Fixed a bug that wouldn’t allow you to purchase a Plasma Rifle at Imperial Arms unless you pressed the “View Stats” button first.
  • Fixed two bugs that would wrongly calculate your household’s daily income.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause incomplete slave events to execute.
  • You can no longer enslave “Old Cooney” and thus break/wonkify the Michelle quest.
  • Fixed a bug that wouldn’t allow you to add the Tier2+ slave even if you had a vacant spot in The Retreat.
  • Fixed a bug that would give a slave +1 Willpower during a Conclude Day Event, when she in fact should lose one Willpower point.
  • Fixed a bug that would display “_race” and NaN errors while inspecting a slave that’s involved in bondage.
  • Fixed a bug that wouldn’t let Head Maids in “The Annex” raise other slaves’ Discipline.
  • Fixed a bug that wouldn’t display the older Laika pic in the Follower menu if she’s 16+.


  • Added pregnant wardrobe pic for Mai-Lynn.
  • Added 7 sex scenes for Mai-Lynn.
  • Added 25 bondage scenes for Mai-Lynn.
  • Added 6 sex scenes for Sofia.
  • Added 4 sex scenes for Aisha.
  • Added 60 sex scenes for Av102, Av110, Av112, Av124, Av204, Av208 and Av137.
  • Added 7 sex scenes for Av106.
  • Added 4 wardrobe pics for Rebecca and Dakota (collar-harness-nipple chains combo).
  • Replaced the crossbow, sword, sledgehammer and knife combat/vendor pics.

How To Install Masters of Raana

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

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