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Lust Is Stranger [v0.23]


Lust Is Stranger Free Download Latest Version

Lust Is Stranger Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – Another Life is Strange parody.​

Developer: The Architect Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.23
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 3d game, animated, male protagonist, school setting, simulator, teasing, pov


Another Life is Strange parody.​

Hi folks.
Here’s the build of version 0.3.1. I’m changing the version pattern (again) to use “release.major.minor.patch” numbers as it’s more well known by most people than simply adding the labels PREVIEW/RELEASE.
By increasing a minor number, it means this version has not a lot of new content compared to the last one. I just added the last batch of stuff I had planned when reaching this point.
There’s a new “Settings” screen in the main menu, where you can configure some stuff used during game-play like mouse sensitivity, the model’s base shape (ORIGINAL – ENHANCED) and configure (play with) breasts physics parameters.
I also added another item in the main menu: the “Bunker Studio”. It’s just a simple stub for now, but the idea is to use it as the game gallery. I’ll be adding stuff there during the project (including the original bunker scenery) and fill with options to play with the models, lightning, positioning, etc… (ILLUSION style). While playing the game now, you can find items called “Studio Tokens” that will unlock content in this new mode. It’s VERY simple at this point, but I think you can get the idea.
You can now also leave the main building to check a new Campus area, but it’s also a preview with no interactive content.
There’s no new quest/storyline content (except few events when you can earn the first studio tokens). So… Download it only if you’re interested in checking out these new features.

Lust Is Stranger Free Download
Lust Is Stranger Free Download
Lust Is Stranger Free Download

– Added all remaining content until ending sequences
– Added no-romance VIP scenes for “KATE”
– Added Chapter Select feature including and Ending Editor
– Added 6 new trophies
– Extended the “The Privacy Corner” scene in the gallery

– Added VIP area sequence for the “polyamory” route
– Added new hot scene to the gallery
– Misc bug fixes

– Added VIP area sequence for “MAX” romance route
– Added new hot scene to the gallery
– Misc bug fixes

– Added VIP area sequence for “Kate” romance route
– Added new hot scene to the gallery
– Misc bug fixes

– Bugfixes

– Added VIP area sequence for the no-romance route
– Added new hot scene to the gallery
– Trophy “Is It Avoidable? II” is now unlockable
– Misc bug fixes

– Added second scene path to latest quest
– Added new trophy
– Added new scene to the gallery

– Added first stage of party quest with 1 hot scene
– Added Dimensional Resonator to the item shop
– Added new lost money location
– Added options to deliver remaining videos/pictures to the teacher
– Added new parking lot interaction
– Added new scene to the gallery
– Added new trophies

This version adds the second path scene for the latest quest, its entry in the gallery and a new trophy. Notice that if you triggered the secret admirer breakup using the phone in the lockers room, then this quest ends with no hot scene (you still can watch the other possible outcomes in the gallery after completing the quest).

– Added second path scene for latest quest
– Added new trophy
– Added new scene to the gallery
– Text and bug fixes

– Added new exploration area
– Added new quest (1 of 2 routes)
– Added new hot scene path
– Added 3 new trophies
– Added new scene to the gallery

Here’s the release of v0.15.1, completing the alternate path of the previous version quest.
This new path has itself two sub-paths, and the scene will play differently based on your dominance status over the girl. All variations can be checked in the scene added to the gallery.

– Added second route to the latest quest
– Added new scene to the gallery
– Added a new trophy

– Added transition to Friday
– Added new quest (1 of 2 routes)
– Added new scene to the gallery
– Added a new trophy


– Added first path of new quest
– Added 2 new scenes to the gallery
– Added 2 new trophies (1 unlockable)
– Added Scene Log feature
– Text fixes (thanks Berti)

– Optimized and doubled texture resolution of latest hot scene

– Bug fix

– Bug fix

– Bug fix

– Bug fix

– Added new quest with new hot scenes
– Added 2 new trophies
– Added new scenes to the gallery

– Added Cliff escape sequence
– Added Ciff romance path
– Added a new trophy
– Added Cliff scenes to the gallery

Here’s the first part of version 0.11 release. This version adds the transition to Thursday when most scenes and events will be even more affected by your previous choices.

The scripts are pretty much double (or more) the size now due to these different consequences, so I decided to split the release again (it will probably be the usual strategy from now on). This build adds the beginning of the next janitor quest, and a new quest with Max including a new hot scene (only the corruption path is implemented in this version).

– Added transition to Thursday
– Added new Thursday encounters
– Added picture contest winner reveal sequence
– Added start of Thursday cleaning quest
– Added first path of new lighthouse cliff quest with a hot scene path (corruption path)
– Added 3 new trophies

Bug Fix

– Added final Wednesday quest including a hot scene path
– Added 2 new trophies (1 not unlockable yet)
– Added previous version scenes entries in the gallery
– Merged a full text revision of v 0.8.2 content with TONS of fixes (thanks Tromilka)

It adds a new quest that will take you to a new location and lead to new hot scenes!
It also comes with 2 new trophies and a new encounter that will be based on several previous decisions you made earlier in the game.
To find the new content from the last update location, just walk back to the campus area.

– Added new encounter at the campus area on wednesday
– Added new quest with 2 new trophies
– Added new hot scenes
– Tweaked fast-forward function (sound pitch and physics animation warm-up)

– Added Scene Gallery
– Added paged save screen with 150 available slots

It adds 2 new hot scenes, closing all paths in the fashion helper quest (the most complex sequence in the game until now).
As I suspected, a lot of people had issues in v0.8 with the bed/sleep function because of the use of old saves carrying missing content. So I added a warning message now every time you try to load old saves. You can still load them, but be aware that a new save will always be a less bug prone experience.

– Completed “loophole” real deal scene in Fashion helper quest
– Added “fat bastard” path in Fashion helper quest
– Added warning when loading old version saves
– Added corruption values to stats screen

– Added “Sell her services” path to the Two Whales restroom scene (and corresponding trophies)
– Added new setting allowing to disable dialogue text rolling
– Added option to press H key to hide/show the dialogue UI anytime

– Revamped save files workflow (fixed autosave slot with save copy function)
– Completed Everyday Heroes quest with one new hot scene
– Added two new trophies

v0.4 2D
– Added base settings menu
– Added new environments and characters
– Added first special event the diner
– Added new hot scenes
– Added 2 new trophies

– Added a bonus animation to Juliet scene triggered after a mood check
– Fixed a bug that caused a spam of exception messages during the keyhole peep scene

– Added a new quest (Juliet) including one new hot scene
– Bug and text fixes

v0.3.2.3 Beta
– Added end of “Max Project” scene
– Added initial version of “Intimacy Animation Viewer” in the Studio Bunker
– Added initial interactive content and new characters to the Campus and Boys Dormitory area
– Added “Treasure Detector” to Justin’s store, used to easily locate ‘lost’ valuable items spread around some locations
– Added Player Room stub (use consumables, start post-class events)
– Added first post-class event at the Two Whales Diner
– Fixed bugs (and probably added others)

– Added SETTINGS menu (model shape, breast physiscs, mouse sensitivity)
– Added BUNKER STUDIO stub (3 first tokens can be collected in game)
– Added minor interaction elements in Art Classroom and Hallway scenery
– Added preview of the Campus scenery
– Randomized location of some quest items
– Fixed bugs (and probably added others)

– Ported all animations to use Unity’s real time rigging constraints
– Added new quests/characters/location content
– Added 2 new trophies
– Added simple hair and breast physics
– “Enhanced” character models (Original/Enhanced user configuration not ready yet)
– Bug fixes

How To Install Lust Is Stranger

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Lust Is Stranger Free Download



MAC (v0.22)



WalkthroughDIRECT LINK
Gallery Unlocker: DIRECT LINK


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  1. After the download is complete an I open the zip file, it’s showing empty, nothing is in it. Regardless of the link I download from. Any suggestions?

  2. After the download is complete regardless of the link, the zip folders appear to be empty. Hidden files option is already open and it gives an extraction error. Help?

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