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    Lust and Power [v0.51 Regular]


    Lust and Power Free Download Latest Version

    Lust and Power Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – In this game you play as a young man, whose family inherited a mansion from a distant relative.

    Developer: Lurking Hedgehog Patreon
    Censored: No
    Version: 0.51 Regular
    OS: WindowsMac, Linux, Android
    Language: English
    Genre: 2DCG, Adventure, Demons, Superpowers, Male domination, Rape, Corruption, Blackmail, Bdsm, Combat, Harem, Lesbian, Male protagonist, Mind control, Monster, Paranormal, Turn based combat


    In this game you play as a young man, whose family inherited a mansion from a distant relative. There you are going to reveal some mysteries and to gain some dark powers. You will have to face demon attacks, to meet some strange persons, to protect your family (mom and sister), and to use their gratefulness to gain control over them and to make them your sex slaves.

    Lust and Power Free Download
    Lust and Power Free Download
    Lust and Power Free Download

    v0.51 Regular
    – added 3 hot scenes with Emma.

    – Added Jessica’s intro scene (when you meet her first time)

    – Added Jessica’s second intro scene (when you meet her second time)

    – Added Jessica’s ambush scene (the starting scene of her regular ambush event)

    – Added battle with Jessica, her reactions for certain spells during the battle, and 3 scenes of battle endings (you run away, you loose battle, you win battle).

    – Added 2 scenes for talking with Jessica (give her compliment, discipline her).

    – Added a scene of giving food to Jessica.

    – Added 10 scenes of main character showing Jessica (or using on Jessica) his magic spells.

    – Added 1 scene of Jessica’s reactions when you leave (with extra scenes when she didn’t get food or her clothes were stolen)

    – Added 3 hot scenes with Jessica, 1 set of positive responses for repeating unlocked scenes, 1 set of negative responses for repeating unlocked scenes.

    – Added 1 scene of Jessica reacting to her clothes transformed (an option for $15 tier)

    – Added Jessica’s info to relations info screen.

    – Added 3 scenes with Jessica for strange visions in Sharp’s cave during trance.

    Some hints about Jessica content:

    1. Jessica appears in the game only after 15th day, not earlier. You can meet her with a 66% chance when you come back home from your raids having 4 or more food items in your inventory (drinks not count).

    2. There are 1 way of avoid being robbed by Jessica without using magic and 4 ways of avoid being robbed my her using magic.

    a. Without using magic: you can just run away from Jessica. She’d throw a rock in your head, but the lower energy she has left, the lower are her chances not to miss, so wait for a proper moment to do this.

    b. Using Exhaustion spell on Jessica in battle will leave her without energy which would let you run away without risk. (This spell is learned from the Ancestor)

    c. Using Stun Charm on Jessica will let you run away without any risk no matter how much energy she has left. (This spell is learned from the Sharp in the forest cave)

    d. Using Vampirism spell on Jessica will let you take some of her life energy, and after Jessica has not much vital energy left, she surrenders. (This spell is learned from the Ancestor)

    e. Using Telekinesis on Jessica lets you steal her clothes which would make her surrender. (This spell is learned with the help of Lisa)

    3. When you run away, Jessica respects you less and attacks you more in future. When you win Jessica, she respects you more and becomes more submissive. On higher levels of her submissiveness she stops attack you at all, asking you for food politely instead.

    4. If you give her food while she has low submissiveness, it brings you no good because she starts to think that you’re a coward. Try giving her food after you proved to be a decent opponent and mighty mage and you’ll have her gratitude.

    5. If you managed to talk Jessica into taking off some article of her clothes willingly, stealing this article of her clothes in battle won’t make her feel embarrassed and surrender anymore so be careful with this.

    Note: I was in a big hurry to post this update before the end of month, and didn’t have time to read your messages. Now I’ll have 1 day off and the day after tomorrow I’ll read your comments and messages and answer where needed.

    Great thanks for your support! We really appreciate that you still support us even when update takes so much time. The next updates will be devoted to adding sex scenes with Emma and Kelly and will take short time. For now we plan like 1 update per every 10 days or so for the next few updates as they won’t have complicated mechanics and won’t take much coding.

    + 3 hot scenes with Lisa.

    – added scene where you ask Emma for the key from her bedroom.
    – if you got the key, you can visit Emma at night and have such options as put aside upper part of her blanket to see her naked breasts, put aside all her blanket to see her body uncovered, pull down her panties.
    – if you have hypnosis skill learned, you can use it on Emma in her bedroom at night.
    – added scene where you ask Kelly for the key from her bedroom.
    – if you got the key, you can visit Kelly at night and have such options as put aside upper part of her blanket to see her naked breasts, or put aside all her blanket to see her body uncovered.
    – if you have hypnosis skill learned, you can use it on Kelly in her bedroom at night.

    – added bad ending for Emma. Occurs when love points or submission points go lower than 5.
    – added bad ending for Kelly. Occurs when love points or submission points go lower than 5.
    – added bad ending for Lisa. Occurs when love points or submission points go lower than 5.
    – inventory crash fixed

    v0.45 Regular
    – added 3 scenes with random women that you meet in the streets. Totally new texts, totally new art, better animations.

    – added 1 scene of sex of demon in the yellow shirt with random women. Totally new art, better animations.

    – fixed inventory crash.

    – fixed mind battle crash.

    v0.44 Regular
    – Fiddle quests: now you can finish his quest of earning gold and get new inventory item as a reward: the note for his old friend.

    – Now you can explore the Forest location and unlock the Cave location by searching the forest.

    – Added enemies: plant demons. They have totally new art and new animations of better quality.

    – Restored mini-game – the test of Spirit of Entrance that you have to pass to enter the cave (a hint for those who doesn’t know – for this test I used the quotations from one of my favorite writers – Frank Herbert).

    – Now you can meet the character – Sharp, and buy special things from him.

    – You can ask Sharp put you into a special trance where you may suffer a special vision and increase your energy maximum. Has 16 updated or new vision scenes.

    – Spell: stun charm. Being bought from Sharp, allows you to stun the battle opponent for some turns.

    – Spell: hypnosis. Being bought from Sharp, allows you to invade the mind of a sleeping person and change their love or submission parameters.

    – Mini-game: the battle of minds. Now you can take part in the battle of minds when you invade someone’s mind using hypnosis.

    – New mechanics: now you can cook potions in the kitchen. This process got new, more user-friendly interface.

    – Inventory items: health potion, energy potion. Now you can use them right from your inventory in any moment to restore energy or health or remove hunger or poison.

    – Lisa’s scene: you can ask Lisa help you with your first experiment with potions and cook your first potion together.

    – restored 3 Lisa’s hot scenes with extended texts.

    v0.43 Regular
    – the battle against Cherry’s door was added. This door differs from regular doors as it has armor, and you’ll have to use a special spell that can break enemy’s armor (hint: Lisa helps to find this spell)

    – added Cherry introduction scene

    – restored extended dialogues of Cherry greeting you when you come and making a prediction for you when you leave. Now they differ for different levels of investment.
    – added 6 new conversations in the “Talk” option, plus “Compliment” option and “Discipline” option

    – added 3 new scenes of Cherry teaching player magic spells and 4 new scenes of Cherry teaching player recipes of potions (unfortunately the skill of potion making doesn’t work yet, will be added in the next update, but you already can buy the recipes)

    – restored an option of making investment in Cherry’s buisness (with extended texts)

    – restored 7 hot scenes with extended texts (no less than twice more text)

    – added 2 new spells for battles: the Fire Ball spell that can deal rather big damage to the enemy even on the low level of this spell, and the Fire Wall spell that creates a wall of fire in front of you, dealing damage to anyone who tries to do a melee attack to you.

    – new trading screen and new trading mechanics for Cherry. In the old versions you made investments only to unlock hot scenes with Cherry. Now your investments make the prices of Cherry’s goods more profitable for you. The more investments, the better the prices.

    – now you are not returned automatically to the player’s room each time you leave some other room of the house, but go direct to the house map (some players asked me to do so).

    – now Emma and Kelly give you quests in the new location – the hallway. It appears only when someone wants to give you a quest.

    – we added the new content – random woman that you meet on the streets during the raids. Well, we had something similar in the versions 0.37 and lower, but it’s not some restored old content – it’s totally new. Not a single image and not a single word of text was left from the old version – everything was replaced with new content. It was the most time-taking part of this update.

    We created new art for these woman, and it’s much better animated than the old one, we use the increased number of frames. They also have more hair styles and hair colors, more various items of clothes, which are also represented in numerous colors each. This content took us to create 1012 separate image files and make them work together creating various types of women, animated. No matter how long you play, now you just don’t have a chance to meet two women looking the same (though some elements may coincide, but rather seldom as I think).

    Now you also can not only save them from demons, but just meet on the streets not being chased by someone, just wandering. You can influence them by trying to dominate while talking, you can share your food with them or use the food to manipulate them. Moreover, now these women have 9 various types of behavior. Some of them are happy to meet you and some are hostile, some of them are confident and some are scared to death. By the words that she greets you, you can try to guess what will be more effective – to be a hero, or a bossy guy, in order to get some sexual favor from her. Some ways won’t work with some women, so now it’s like a mini-game where you have to choose right options to use.

    You also can see some random women having oral sex with demons in the houses from time to time. Their images also was replaced with new and better animations.

    How To Install Lust and Power

    1. Extract
    2. Play the game

    Lust and Power Free Download








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    1. Seems like the regular version is bugged or something. The sex scenes are “under maintenance”. I cant progress past the touching, anyone know how?

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