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    Love and Sex: Second Base [v21.8.0a]


    Love and Sex Second Base Free Download Latest Version

    Love and Sex Second Base Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – is a dating sim where a geeky guy (hopefully you) gets to be a roommate with two very hot girls.

    Developer: Andrealphus Patreon
    Censored: No
    Version: 21.8.0a
    OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
    Language: English
    Genre:2DCG, Female protagonist, Male protagonist, Multiple protagonist, Simulator, Dating sim, Adventure, Anal sex, Big ass, Big tits, Cheating, Creampie, MILF, Oral sex, Romance, Sex toys, Teasing, Vaginal sex, Mobile game, Pregnancy, NTR


    Love & Sex: Second Base is a dating sim where a geeky guy (hopefully you) gets to be a roommate with two very hot girls and meet others in is daily life. The main purpose of the game his to get lucky and maybe marry the girl of your wet dreams, to do so you must make choices and raise your stats.

    Love and Sex: Second Base Download
    Love and Sex: Second Base Download
    Love and Sex: Second Base Download

    – 15 new full screen scenes (Audrey, Shiori, Aletta, Lavish, Lexi)
    – 15 new story events (Audrey, Shiori, Aletta, Lavish, Ayesha)
    – 1 new location (classroom)
    – 1 new background (trailer park)
    – 1 new music (Office)
    – bug fixes

    – 6 new CG
    – 12 new events
    – 3 new backgrounds
    – New haircut for minami
    – Lag fix
    – Dick reactions
    – pregnancy requests for the home harem
    – repeatable home harem sex
    – bug fixes

    – Audrey’s ending

    – New voices
    – Allow player new game or new game +
    – Audrey ending
    – Audrey events 09/10 + sexydress
    – New electronic store BG
    – Audrey doggy + cowgirl
    – Shiori ending
    – Shiori piledriver
    – More chibi actions
    – New shooting range background
    – Shiori missionary
    – New flower shop background
    – Kylie assault consequences
    – Add missing texts for gifts
    – First 10 chibis actions
    – Update kissing scenes for the office girls
    – Bilssard’s deal
    – CEO commands
    – update harem.yaml
    – rework Shiori sprite
    – rework Lavish sprite
    – rework Audrey sprite
    – Jessica teaser
    – Rework Aletta sprite
    – Rework sprite Minami
    – KP rebalance
    – Choose starting day
    – New inventory screen
    – Gianna teaser art
    – New gym background
    – New Shopping screen
    – Camila voices
    – New beach music
    – Aletta KP events
    – Improves how Shiori addresses the MC
    – Reincarnation mode
    – Cassidy kiss outfits
    – Firesparq review
    – harem stacktrace in demo
    – Audrey nipples piercings
    – sasha restroom layer issues
    – sam kiss layers
    – Fixes shiori
    – Test use bug
    – Attribute and Love type error
    – add hidden check on blissard’s deal
    – Small grammar fixes
    – Talk subjects number
    – yalign lavish/audrey
    – Minami kiss layers
    – Adjust friendzone
    – Updates on consumables attributes + sam default attributes
    – Bree sprite during preg talk
    – minami joining harem
    – Comment android

    – 24 new sex scenes
    – 9 new story events
    – 2 new outfits for Lexi
    – New dateable character: Camila
    – New Lexi kiss
    – New church & coffee shop bg
    – New location: the hospital
    – New secondary character: Laura
    – New music during sex scenes
    – Lexi in the home harem
    – Updated Bree early events
    – Updated “dog walk” scene
    – Updated Kleio ice cream scene
    – Updated birthday “surprise”
    – Repeatable pixie harem sex scene
    – Engine reworks
    – Bug fixes

    – Minami added to the home harem
    – Samantha added to the home harem
    – 16 new story events (Bree/Minami/Sasha/Samantha)
    – 629 new lines of voiced dialogue
    – 8 new sex scenes (Bree/Minami/Sasha/Samantha)
    – Bug fixes

    – 900 new voiced lines (Morgan, Sasha, Samantha)
    – New location: Karting track
    – 9 sex scenes (Bree, Sasha, Minami, Samantha, Aletta)
    – 4 story events (Bree)
    – 2 new outfits for Bree
    – New bookstore background
    – Hottub art
    – Added Morgan to all the dating scenes
    – Reworked Kleio’s sprite
    – credits update
    – Added love loss to phone calls delay
    – excluded special chars from save names, fix ui issues
    – Lots of bug fixes


    21.1.1 Patreon
    – New fashion shop & cinema backgrounds
    – 15 new story events (Bree)
    – 160 new lines of voiced dialogue (Harmony)
    – 4 new CG/scenes (Emma/Kiara/Bree)
    – Updated kissing scene for Bree
    – New secondary character: Bree’s dad
    – Free cheat menu
    – Lots of bug fixes

    20.12.1 Patreon
    – New sprite for Kleio
    – Updated sprite for Minami
    – 18 new story event (Anna, Bree, Sasha, Minami, Kleio, Ayesha)
    – 10 new CG/scenes (Anna, Sasha, Kleio, Ayesha)
    – 390 new lines of voiced dialogue (Bree, Sasha, Jack)
    – collar for Kleio
    – Bugfixes

    v20.11.1 Patreon
    – Disclaimer
    – New feature: Birthday date events
    – 12 new CG/scenes (Bree, Sasha, Samantha, Harmony)
    – 8 new story event (Bree, Sasha, Samantha, Harmony)
    – 700 new lines of voiced dialogue (Bree, Sasha, Lexi)
    – Bugfixes



    – New kitchen meal art
    – New skills: Shibari & SM
    – 1 new sex scene (Kylie, Ayesha)
    – 7 new story events [Mike MC] (Kylie, Bree, Ayesha, lexi, samantha, shiori)
    – Improved calendar – Bugfixes

    – Bumped up the wedding ring’s cost to 5k due to popular demand
    – New activity: Hot tub
    – Bugfixes

    – New hallway and bakery background art
    – New watching TV, drinking and sleeping art
    – New skill: Small dick
    – 10 new story events [Mike MC]
    – 9 new story events [Bree MC]
    – 380 new lines of voiced dialogue (Ayesha, Sasha, Angela, Kiara)
    – Bugfixes

    How To Install Love and Sex Second Base

    1. Extract
    2. Play the game

    Love and Sex Second Base Free Download



    MAC (v21.7.1)


    ANDROID (v21.7.1)



    Walkthrough: DIRECT LINK – MIRROR


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