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Love and Sex Second Base Free Download Latest Version

Love and Sex Second Base Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – is a dating sim where a geeky guy (hopefully you) gets to be a roommate with two very hot girls.

Developer: Andrealphus Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 23.8
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre:2DCG, Female protagonist, Male protagonist, Multiple protagonist, Simulator, Dating sim, Adventure, Anal sex, Big ass, Big tits, Cheating, Creampie, MILF, Oral sex, Romance, Sex toys, Teasing, Vaginal sex, Mobile game, Pregnancy, NTR


Love & Sex: Second Base is a dating sim where a geeky guy (hopefully you) gets to be a roommate with two very hot girls and meet others in is daily life. The main purpose of the game his to get lucky and maybe marry the girl of your wet dreams, to do so you must make choices and raise your stats.

Love and Sex: Second Base Download
Love and Sex: Second Base Download
Love and Sex: Second Base Download

Here is 23.08 the August monthly update, it’s packed full with content including some great new pregnancy related features for BreeMC ^^


  • 34 phone wallpapers added to the supporter pack
  • [BreeMC] 5 new outfits for Bree
  • [BreeMC] hot tub artworks [2+CG]
  • Wrestling ending for the taming harem [1CG, 1EV]
  • Amy kiss & sex teasers [2EV, 2CG]
  • [BreeMC] Bree mc pregnancy handling part 2
  • Camila helping with the office investigation [2EV]
  • Concert solos during the band story [4CG]
  • Naked bathroom with Bree [1EV]
  • Home harem events improvements
  • Minami couch fun [1EV]
  • Minami’s masturbation [1EV, 1CG]
  • Palla restaurant bj [1EV]
  • [BreeMC] Pregnancy test [1EV, 1CB]
  • Sam’s baby ryan [2EV]
  • Samantha additional post date BJ [1EV]
  • Samantha wedding BJ [1EV]
  • [BreeMC] new scottie events [4EV, 2CG]

v23.7.0c: Fix: – Gallery crash on kwargs

v23.7.0b: Fix: – Bree minami sasha blowjob layers – Bree titfuck mouth layers – Chatting cg layers – Gallery picker issue – Lavish piercings on chatting cg – Missing button for gallery – Sexperience achievement

Love & Sex 23.07 July Monthly Update
Hi guys
Here is 23.07 the July monthly update, to be honest you already got most of that content during the month through smaller updates. We did a lot of bug fix this month and the gallery took a lot of our dev time but here you are ^^
And the new features are :

  • Gallery (Need NG+, very alpha right now)
  • Sasha boobjob visual update [1CG]
  • Hanna stand [1EV, 1CG]
  • Criminal Harem Alley Blowjob [1EV,1CG]
  • Sporty Harem Proposal + Ending [2EV,1CG]
  • Alexis ntr bj high school reunion [1CG]
  • Camila hospital artwork [1CG]
  • Bree boobjob visual update [1CG]
  • Bree spoon visual update [1CG]
  • Just a little push [1EV]
  • Play guitar activity [4CG]

– Sasha tittyfuck visual update [1cg]
– Taming harem enhancement 1 [qol]
– Adjust story tracker for bree lp >= 50%
– Alexis ntr school reunion
– Ayesha steam achievements
– Bree sasha shower haircut issue
– Intro issue with old ngplus games
– Issue with “go to work” step in story tracker
– Missing ending steps for Bitchy and Criminal harems

– Cassidy kiss

– Alexis ntr bj high school reunion [1cg]
– Band harem events enhancement 1 [qol]
– Bitchy harem events enhancement 2 [qol]
– Bree boobjob visual update [1cg]
– Camila hospital cg
– Cleaned up hypnosis option conditions, and added kylie yandere management
– College harem events enhancement 1 [qol]
– Criminal harem alley blowjob [1ev,1cg]
– Criminal harem events enhancement 1 [qol]
– Fashion harem events enhancement 1 [qol]
– Gaming harem events enhancement 1 [qol]
– Hanna stand [1ev, 1cg]
– Jealous harem events enhancement 1 [qol]
– Just a little push [1ev]
– New achievements
– Office harem events enhancement 1 [qol]
– Pixie harem events enhancement 1 [qol]
– Play guitar activity [4cg]
– Rework bree spoon [1cg]
– Samantha cum shake in booty call scene [qol]
– Sporty harem events enhancement 1 [qol]
– Sporty harem proposal + ending [2ev,1cg]
– Tatophile harem events enhancement 1 [qol]
– Add missing layers bree boobjob
– Add missing slutty dress dialogues
– Added jealousy checks to grope activity
– Adjust topless conditions
– Bree doggy mouth cum
– Bug in displaying hidden locations
– Camila and kylie schedule
– Cancel issue at the piercings shop
– Cassidy reverse cowgirl
– Cg girls couch fun
– Chatting cg
– Chatting with sasha
– Crash during vaginal palla’s doggy scene with condom
– Crash when using special characters in save names
– Emma’s judgement story tracker conditions made more clear
– Groping triggers jealousy, and fixed jealousy handling
– Kylie sexperience tracker update for nighttime unwelcome visit
– Lavish collar on office 3some with audrey
– Minami handcuffs during fuck date
– Minami slutty dress
– Misplaced shiori missionary
– Missing parameters on cheated labels
– Palla piercings
– Prevent topless during wedding
– Sasha fuckdate intro when doing it from home
– Shiori missing dialogues using nicknames
– Shiori piledriver layers
– Shopping choices
– Spelling mistake
– Spelling mistakes
– Tattooparlor cassidy clit piercing
– Text crowding for skills listed in phone profile
– Topless home and office girls
– Topless outfits management
– Visited room type issue

Love & Sex 23.06 June Monthly Update
Hi guys !
Here is the 23.06 June monthly update, which should in all honesty be called the big fat juicy update as we have no less than 10 CG and 36 events in it (and even a few expressions and outfits)!
And the new features are :

  • Aletta alternate events [5EV]
  • Aletta repeatable restaurant cunnilingus [1EV]
  • Aletta restaurant blowjob [1EV]
  • Audrey playing board game scene [1EV]
  • Bree doggy in sasha’s room [1EV]
  • Bree penalty when she looses at zbox [1EV]
  • Bree postdate rough doggy [1EV]
  • Bree postdate spoon [1EV]
  • Cassidy office reverse cowgirl [1EV]
  • Harmony sexy date [1EV]
  • Harmony poledance scene [1EV]
  • Harmony stripclub events [2EV]
  • Hanna gym blowjob [1EV]
  • Kleio studio BJ [1EV]
  • Kylie classroom blowjob [1EV]
  • Lexi alternate standing hot coffee [1EV]
  • Lexi improved events [QOL]
  • Lexi pool bj during home date [1EV]
  • Lexi sasha threesome bedroom [1EV]
  • Minami improved events [QOL]
  • Morgan nightclub cunnilingus [1EV]
  • Morgan improved events [QOL]
  • Palla spanking foreplay [1EV]
  • Samantha improved events [QOL]
  • Small bitchy harem ending [1EV]
  • Criminal harem ending [2EV, 1CG]
  • Taming harem ending [2EV, 1CG]
  • Watch tv dunring dates [4CG]
  • Chatting with the girls [4CG]
  • Heart attack ending [1EV]
  • Hypnosis skill, book & activity [1AC, 2EV]
  • Pet head and grope activity for every girls [2AC]
  • Toggleable pregnancy pop-up [QOL]
  • Topless command (office/work) [QOL]
  • Ventilate weekend events [QOL]
  • Spoilers tooltip for story steps [QOL]
  • Allow afternoon dates on week days [QOL]
  • [breemc] Jobs random events [QOL]
  • [BreeMC] Mike titty fuck [1EV]
  • [BreeMC] Mike spoon [1EV]
  • [BreeMC] Mike masturbate in living room [1EV]

Here is the 23.05 May monthly update.
And the new features are :

  • Bitchy harem endings [1CG, 5EV]
  • Home harem girls couch fun [1CG, 1EV]
  • Sam flat doggy sex [1EV]
  • Friendly harem sex [3CG, 1EV]
  • Playing board games [4CG]
  • Home date eating snacks [4CG]
  • Sam repeatable cowgirl & reverse cowgirl [2EV]
  • Improved Samantha cheating reactions
  • Birthday intro on dates
  • Emma & Hanna improved events
  • New band harem proposal options
  • Iron stomach reduces hunger drain by 20%
  • 3 new job chibis
  • [BreeMC] Jack deathless harpies event [1EV]
  • [BreeMC] Mike new story events [5EV]
  • [BreeMC] gifts from NPCs
  • [BreeMC] 14 new job chibis + random job events

23.3.0a – Weekly Update 2:

Features Weekly Update 2:

  • Bree enhanced events part 2
  • BreeMC pregnancy
  • One time dates introduction with Ayesha. [4EV]
  • Samantha beach hot coffee [1EV]
  • Samantha booty calls MC [1EV]
  • Updated BreeMC inventory

Features Weekly Update 1:

  • Improved Ayesha events
  • Peeping on Bree and Samantha having fun [1CG, 2EV]
  • Peeping on Lexi and Samantha having fun[1CG, 2EV]
  • Peeping on Minami and Samantha having fun[1CG, 2EV]
  • Peeping on Sasha and Samantha having fun[1CG, 2EV]


– Battle of the bands enhancement [qol]
– Small talks enhanced reactions part 2 [qol]
– Adjust nonexclusive flag when joining a harem
– Duplicated mike in sasha ending
– Hospital issue with camila in demo
– Minami happy expression
– [breemc] force mike’s story tracker

Here is the 23.02 February monthly update.
And the new features are :


  • Audrey new events [3EV, 3CG]
  • Improved legacy Audrey events
  • Audrey repeatable reverse cowgirl [1EV]
  • Ayesha new events & ending [5EV]
  • Band harem threesome art rework [1CG]
  • Bitchy harem BJ [1EV, 1CG]
  • Camila new events & endings [4EV, 1CG]
  • Movie theater CGs [4CG]
  • Dynamic load/save pagination
  • Home harem BJ Lexi/Minami/Samantha [1CG][1EV]
  • Home harem confession to Samantha [1EV]
  • Improved legacy Lavish events
  • Manage collar in command menu
  • Updated Sasha missionary CG
  • Updated Sasha standing CG

Here is the 23.01 January Monthly Update.
And the new features are :

  • Emma pregnacy talk [1EV]
  • Harmony ending [1EV, 2CG]
  • Harmony preg talk [1ev]
  • Kylie endings [2EV, 2CG]
  • Morgan ending visuals [2CG]
  • New harmony events [1CG, 10EV]
  • Swimming visuals [20+CG]
  • Threesome with Violaine and Vincent [1EV, 1CG]
  • Palla model ending outfit
  • Buying popcorn visuals [20+CG]
  • Morgan sexy dress
  • Added the deathless harpies original song to the supporter pack
  • Aletta events enhanced 2

Here is the 22.12 December Monthly Update.
And the new features are :

  • Home harem christmas [1EV, 3CG]
  • Criminal harem start [2EV]
  • Enhanced characters reactions (Aletta & Shiori)
  • Girl on girl dance activity
  • New Kleio events [2EV]
  • Kylie’s demise [2EV]
  • Lexi pimping ending [1EV, 1CG]
  • Morgan ending [1EV, 1CG]
  • Morgan event 09 [1EV][1CG]
  • Morgan final events [2EV]
  • Updated CGs with angela


– Add camila event [1ev]
– Add emma wedding dress
– Aletta kink 08 [1ev]
– Angela sprite
– Anna sub event [2ev]
– Bree office event [4ev][1cg]
– Camila alternate event 05
– Cassidy wedding dress (sprite + kiss)
– Emma collaring event [1ev]
– House map
– Kleio garage hot coffee [1ev]
– Kylie bondage date [1ev]
– Kylie is getting better/worse 1-2 [4ev]
– Kylie is getting better/worse 3-4 [4ev]
– Kylie university blowjob [1ev]
– Office ending [1ev]
– Palla endings [1cg][2ev]
– Palla model ending [1cg]
– Taming harem home date event [1ev]
– Taming harem second threesome fuck [2cg][1ev]
– Update bree kissing angela
– A few house map bugs
– Add minami slutty date in slap scene
– Anna’s sub event progression
– Assorted aletta bugs and typos
– Assorted alexis bugs
– Assorted anna bugs
– Ayesha sub event choice logic
– Bathroom will correctly appear on the house map
– Beach date choice always pops up
– Bitchy foursome resume activity
– Bree x minami x sasha blowjob
– Bree/dwayne/mike missing layers
– Bug report link
– Cassidy parents talk
– Code optimization
– Disable apply suntan + isseason harmonisation
– Fix and adjust ayesha layers
– Fixed assorted general bugs added a few qol features
– Harem proposal logic
– Harmony birthday talk
– House map
– Morgan rewrites
– Naked activities when date on nudist beach
– Nudist beach date conditions backend
– Outfits issues
– Play zbox conditions
– Play zbox conditions
– Randomness with kiss cheating
– Sasha boobjob issue when adding navel piercing
– Sasha/sam beach date position + ice cream outfits
– Smartphone will stay on top of map and house map after calling/texting
– Smoothed out emma petite love progression
– Taming harem labels issues
– Typo in condom check usage
– Typos
– Use breakup method
– Watch tv pregnancy issues
– Working with sexy work outfit
– Init typos
– Workon init

Here is the 22.10 October Monthly Update.
And the new features are :

  • Add sexy casual outfit for harmony dance
  • Anna oral fun [1cg][1ev]
  • Bitchy hot coffee text update
  • Bree karate-gi outfit
  • Bree/Lexi hot coffee [1ev]
  • Bree MC – Jack events [3 cg][6 ev]
  • Bree Z-box events [1cg][2ev]
  • Cassidy’s ending [2ev][1cg]
  • Hanna alternate missionary [1ev]
  • Hanna’s ending [2ev][1cg]
  • Hanna event 10 [1ev]
  • Home harem Bree/Lexi beach date [2cg][1ev]
  • Lexi/Minami/Samantha beach date [1ev]
  • New Android logo
  • Samantha/Sasha beach date [1ev]
  • Samantha alternate ending [1cg]
  • Taming oral fun [1cg][1 ev]
  • Taming harem hot coffee with Ayesha [1cg][1ev]
  • Taming harem event 3 [1ev]

v22.9 Monthly Update. Our new features :

  • 19 new events
  • 13 new CGs including sex scenes
  • 300+ new voiced lines for Harmony
  • Pixie & Sporty Harem Update
  • Expression rework on Audrey & Kleio


  • City map
  • 526 new voiced lines
  • 3 New events and 4 CG for the Bitchy harem
  • 4 Lavish spanking events
  • Add breemc talk subjects
  • 6 more new or updated CG
  • 8 new events
  • Kleio new haircut

– 253 voiced lines for alexis
– 313 new voiced lines for samantha
– Add guys smartphone
– Add new pose for bree [1 sprite]
– Alexis ending [1ev, 2cg]
– Alexis ntr glory hole [1ev, 1cg]
– Battle of the bands ending events [2 ev]
– Bree cunnilingus with sasha
– Breemc master story
– Breemc sasha cunnilingus
– Breemc sasha oral scenes [2 ev]
– Kleio alternate cowgirl [1 ev]
– Kleio cgs update
– Lavish blowjob at the office [1ev]
– Lavish cowgirl [1cg]
– Minami fuck date blowjob
– Pet shelter bg, cat and dog sprite [1bg, 3ev]
– Ryan flirt and fight [2cg]
– Sasha second footjob [1 ev]
– Sasha titfuck alternate event [1 ev]
– Sasha unpacking scene for breemc [1cg]
– Threesome between minami & sasha [2cg, 1ev]

– 1 new event for sasha [1ev]
– 155 new voiced lines for kleio
– 183 new voiced lines for anna
– 276 new voiced lines for mike
– 332 new voiced lines for lexi
– Add custom movies reactions
– Add custom texts from mike
– Additional bree/sasha showdown outcome
– Alternate call me daddy event [1 ev]
– Audrey swing at the park [1cg]
– Audrey water slide [1cg]
– Audrey’s photocopy [1cg]
– Beach volley with guys
– Bree alternate collaring [1ev]
– Bree kiss lexi
– Bree maid event beach date alternate [1ev]
– Bree reacts to sasha’s pregnancy [1ev]
– Bree/kleio meeting [1ev]
– Custom texts from girls
– Dance breemc
– Ice cream with guys
– Kleio and anna reacts to sasha’s murder [2ev]
– Kleio gets a new haircut [2ev]
– Kleio new haircut
– Kleio new haircut cgs update
– Lavish ending [3ev, 1cg]
– Lexi blowjob alley [1ev]
– Lexi kiss bree [1cg]
– Minami alternate event 06 [1ev]
– More pregnancy dialogues (bree/sasha)
– New aletta ending [1cg]
– New gift from minami
– Playing water with guys
– Sandcastle with guys
– Sandwich with bree and minami [1cg]
– Sasha and bree react to each other’s collar [ 2ev]
– Threesome with bree and minami [1cg][1ev]
– Vibrating aletta [1ev, 1ac]
– Work with cg [1 cg]

– Warn about capped promotion
– Demo issues
– Easier stamina recovery
– Fashion harem triggering in the middle of interaction
– Lexi alternate ev 02
– Lexi ending
– Naked alexis ntr at nudist beach
– Wait for audrey + alexis tracker


  • 17 new CGs including sex scenes
  • 20 new events
  • 11 new musical tunes
  • College Harem
  • 144 new voiced lines for Shiori
  • New restaurant meal poses

Here is the 22.4 Monthly Update. Our new features :

  • 12 new CGs including sex scenes
  • 8 new events
  • Fashion Harem
  • 14 new chibis for Bree MC
  • Photobooth with guys
  • 3 new reactions

– Bug with date_do_old_girl_clothes

– Band Harem Foursome 2 [1 CG]
– Band Harem Foursome [1 CG]
– Dog & bird attacks [2 CG, 2 Events]
– Emma Doggy [1 CG]
– Jail bg on Camila Doggy
– Kylie Blowjob [1 CG, 1 Event]
– Kylie Doggy Style [1 CG]
– Kylie Prison Blowjob
– Lavish Cunnilingus [1 CG]
– Lexi Doggy [1 CG]
– New location jail
– New skill “Bookworm”
– Peeping bath Minami + Bree [1CG]
– Photo-booth
– Piercings inserts for tatoo parlor
– Prison Visit
– Prison Visit with Camila
– Schedules adjustments Anna Minami
– Text update (Band Harem Foursome)
– Text update (Home Harem Threesome Bree/Sasha)
– add missing drink layers
– allow story tracker steps to switch between active and inactive state
– rework slap ass
– Adjust morgan slap layers
– Adjusted emma’s sex scene logic for easier play
– Assorted bugs for Anna
– Christmas party work outfit
– Default issue on slap
– Disable self voicing on top bar attributes
– Emma cunni nipples piercings
– Inverted cassidy swimsuits
– Kylie collar
– Morgan tattoo parlor
– Multiple impregnate each day
– Peeping samantha piercings issue
– Samantha showing condom
– Stacktrace on already defined dates
– active_girl.id conditions check
– add siscondelay during Minami movein
– aletta swimsuits
– available jail activities
– avoid triggering samantha_event_B02 during activity
– birthday date not triggering after afternoon date
– bree calling Mike master if not slave
– condom logic checks.
– crash on already defined dates
– disable lavish_fuck_office until having assets
– emma behind emma during kiss
– emma doggy piercings
– emma_size_limit_calc traceback
– fertility book name too long for ui
– harmony_event10 + add optional label and missed_label to DateAppointment
– hero.has_gifts
– layer issue in sleeping bree sam
– layer issue morgan kiss
– lexi in demo
– minami conditions checks
– missing extension on vo file
– morgan fuck layer issues
– morgan hottub
– multiple entries for girls info
– practice date with minami
– repeatable bree sasha minami foursome
– sasha breast complex consistency
– sasha hair comments consistency
– second floor hallway access
– separate known birthday from mikemc and breemc
– showdown issue due to sexperience.last not reset
– typos on books
– ui in cheat menu
– wrong return in get_next_day_of_week

How To Install Love and Sex Second Base

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

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  1. There is an in-game performance issue frame drop bug and there is a newer version for it please update the game thx.

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