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Legend of Queen Opala: Origin [v3.18 Beta]


Legend of Queen Opala: Origin Free Download Latest Version

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – t’s a RPG series I’ve been making, using the RPG Maker XP engine.

Developer: SweGabe Patreon
Censorship: No
Version: 3.18 Beta
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: Episodic, 2D game, 2DCG, Adventure, Anal sex, Animated, Bestiality, Big tits, Bukkake, Fantasy, Furry, Group sex, Handjob, Harem, Male protagonist, Monster, Oral sex, Prostitution, Rape, Religion, Rpg, Sandbox, Slave, Turn based combat, Voyeurism


It’s a RPG series I’ve been making, using the RPG Maker XP engine, blending RPG elements, exploration and adult content, that mostly focused on Queen Opala, her evil sister Osira and their mother Farah, though the latest entry in the series is branching out …and most importantly, the games themselves will always be free, even if the actual production process clearly can’t be.

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin Free Download
Legend of Queen Opala: Origin Free Download
Legend of Queen Opala: Origin Free Download


Fix 689 – It was possible to miss one optional dialogue with Lady Farah, this has been corrected.
Fix 690 – Illustration 146 that was previously missing from Queen’s Landing has been added back in.
Fix 691 – Three new locations has been added, Slithering Chasm, Bergville and Accursed Temple.
Fix 692 – The Crash Site location is now named on the map after being discovered like all other places.
Fix 693 – How illustrations are collected and stored in memory has been improved, but it won’t be noticeable.
Fix 694 – A new sidequest called “If Words Could Kill” has been added to Bergville.
Fix 695 – Several map layouts has been tweaked with updated parts.

Changelog 3.16

Fix 681 – Fixed a graphical bug where newer sets incorrecty displayed the Emerald Gem card when opening Lewd Boxes.
Fix 682 – The Howling Moon arc in Crimson Forest has been added and can be accessed after certain conditions are met.
Fix 683 – Two optional dialogues has been added for Lady Farah, one for after the tavern has opened up in Castle Warrengard.
Fix 684 – Gabrielle, Ra’Tiki, Beatrix and Elin’s photoshoot poses now has International Edition variations.
Fix 685 – More shops will now unlock in Castle Warrengard for every 15th property you have purchased.
Fix 686 – Laquadia’s Tavern Wench Challenge sequence now has a International Edition variation.
Fix 687 – The journal entries for Professor Reginald and Nimpi has been updated.
Fix 688 – Additional story has been added.

v3.15 Beta

 The patch notes is listing an important task you need to do.
You have to input a code into the Rune Mirror to have your inventory reorganized for the increased cap of available illustrations, if you don’t/haven’t do/done this, it’ll make the inventory count for illustrations inaccurate and blend together with the listed painting once you reach 198+ illustrations.
It does, however, NOT affect titles or Encyclopedia listings.

2) If you’ve finished the storymode up to being told to visit Beatrix’s home, be sure your save isn’t inside her house when you start this beta or any that follows.

3) Any imported saves made specifically at camp from betas earlier than v3.03 or episodes will be incompatible due to a worldmap overhaul, but literally anywhere else is all good!

v3.14 Beta
Fix 665 – Layla has been added as available opponents in Stripping o’ Die.
Fix 666 – Lore surrounding the Pilgrimage Altars and their shrines have been completely remade.
Fix 667 – Corrected an issue where the Orb of Restoration wouldn’t work under certain conditions.
Fix 668 – A fourth Bad Ending can now be triggered if teen Farah is unavailable to join the party.
Fix 669 – A fifth Bad Ending can now be triggered if only the main character is currently available to join the party.
Fix 670 – The illustrations displayed during the Prison Wench variation to the Taven Wench Challenge has been updated.
Fix 671 – A new Dream Chest has been placed in Pit of Ror’Ga and requires the “Dream Key: Tranquillity” to unlock.
Fix 672 – Mhu’Tiki’s unlockable animation has received an additional frame to make it run smoother.
Fix 673 – Layla has been added to the photoshoot atelier.

Fix 655 – Lewd Boxes has been updated with over 120+ new rewards.
Fix 656 – Feather of Awakening has been fully implemented to work everywhere.
Fix 657 – Lynevere’s photoshoot pose and CG Scene now has International Edition variations.
Fix 658 – Layla’s CG Scene in the International Edition has been updated in the Art Gallery to include a missing variation.
Fix 659 – Art Gallery has been updated to include all the previously missing CG Scenes with finished illustrations.
Fix 660 – 10 unlockable backgrounds has been added to the photoshoot atelier.
Fix 661 – Castle Warrengard Stables has been expanded.
Fix 662 – The Colussia quiz reward Boots of Rushing has been replaced with Boots of Vigilance.
Fix 663 – Sprinting has been turned into a default feature and can be toggled ON/OFF anywhere with “SHIFT” key.
Fix 664 – Keyboard letter “A” now opens up a Quick-Menu for easy access to essential items.


Fix 622 – Stella has been added as available opponents in Stripping o’ Die.
Fix 623 – An uncommon map transition error occuring at the Frozen Continent camp has been fixed.
Fix 624 – Expeditions can now be exited with the ESC button while being on the strategy map layout.
Fix 625 – The expedition timer has been switched from minutes to seconds in order to solve a countdown issue.
Fix 626 – The coding behind the Distress mechanic has been changed to hopefully solve some problems with curing the state.
Fix 627 – The time it takes for expeditions to finish has been reduced from 20 minutes to 10 minutes. (600 seconds)
Fix 628 – Interracting with the table map while an expedition is in progress gives you the option to cancel it.
Fix 629 – Inviting Naz’Raala to your tent caused a black screen, this is no longer the case.
Fix 630 – A statistics option has been added to when you’re interracting with characters.
Fix 631 – Laquadia now has International Edition variations for Strippin’ o’ Die.
Fix 632 – Naz’Raala weapons have been added to the Castle Warrengard blacksmith.
Fix 633 – Ra’Tiki, Opala and Stella has been added to the photoshoot atelier.
Fix 634 – The nude outfit for Naz’Raala has been properly implemented.
Fix 635 – Various smaller issues has been resolved.
Fix 636 – Additional story has been added.


Fix 604 – Naz’Raala has been added as a recruitable party member.
Fix 605 – The main menu of the Encyclopedia now display graphics reflecting your heroic/renegade stance.
Fix 606 – A Quick-Menu has been added and can be accessed with the A button. (Currently only at Castle Warrengard)
Fix 607 – Toggle sprinting ON/OFF has been reassigned to the Z/Shift buttons. (Currently only at Castle Warrengard)
Fix 608 – The ability to sprint indoors have been unlocked. (Currently only at Castle Warrengard)
Fix 609 – Castle Warrengard has received two additional buildings/locations that can be upgraded.
Fix 610 – The stables at the Castle Warrengard courtyard has been replaced with a training ground.
Fix 611 – The Art Gallery and Encyclopedia can now be accessed anywhere.
Fix 612 – The beastman version of Gabrielle’s CG Scene has been added.
Fix 613 – Lady Farah has been added to the tent mechanic.


Fix 593 – The Art Gallery has been updated to run twice as fast.
Fix 594 – Animations can now be unlocked by collecting all ten trading cards for each individual characters.
Fix 595 – Traveling Scholar and his unique quiz rewards is now available at Skalhalm, Queen’s Landing and Luminessa.
Fix 596 – The Art Gallery has been updated to display all the unlockable CG Scenes missing from before.
Fix 597 – The Encyclopedia has been updated to only list relevant information in the Explorer section.
Fix 598 – Clothing poles now display the color correctly matching their respective character.
Fix 599 – A few characters have added tent mechanic dialogues to match renegade playthroughs.
Fix 600 – Windy Canyon, Fellhorn Ruins and Eastern Lighthouse has been slightly expanded.
Fix 601 – It is now possible to trigger a third Bad Ending in the “past” Colussia.
Fix 602 – A new full scene has been added to the end of Gabrielle side-quest.
Fix 603 – Gabrielle has been added to the tent mechanic.

How To Install Legend of Queen Opala: Origin

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin Free Download






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