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    Isekai Awakening [v1.43]


    Isekai Awakening Free Download Latest Version

    Isekai Awakening Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – You play the role of a young man summoned by the SEX MAIDEN.

    Developer: Jackie Boy – Patreon
    Censored: No
    Version: 1.43
    OS: WindowsAndroid
    Language: English
    Genre: 2dcg, animated, point and click, male protagonist, big ass, big tits, monster girl, groping, oral sex, vaginal sex, mobile game, titfuck, creampie, footjob, handjob, dating sim, Pregnancy


    You play the role of a young man summoned by the SEX MAIDEN to enslave all the females in the town and,
    fight against the EVIL MAIDEN, bring her to the knees, and become the new King!​

    Isekai Awakening Free Download
    Isekai Awakening Free Download
    Isekai Awakening Free Download

    Added 6 new maps in castle interior
    Redesigned a old character
    Added a window for special skill(not yet implemented)
    Added a new castle intro
    Added a new Game intro(written by a professional)
    Added some sprites for castle maps
    X-ray unlockable Skills(not implemented in this version)
    Options to Enable/Disable Beastality
    Options to Enable/Disable Extreme Content
    Option for Relationship Cheats
    New Intro by another new writer
    Fixed the MAX FPS to 120 to ease the Shopkeepers Minigame
    Old save files will work and have Castle and Baker shop

    Added upto level 2 content for Mio
    Added 3 Cgs for Mio including a horse CG
    Added 1 Cg for Rika for 5 sleeping pills
    Added an Overworld map for Exploration mechanics
    Added 5 exploration maps, content for them yet to be added
    Added a new companion window beside day window
    Added a new Intro
    Fixed bugs with Hana

    Added Stamina System
    Added Pregnancy System
    Pregnancy Content for Lucie Done
    Added 4 new CGs for Hana
    Added a new stat for player M.Stamina
    Max Stamina can be increased with leveling up
    All CGs require Stamina now
    Added Broken status and Pregnancy Status Sprite for Lucie
    Upto Level 4 content for Hana
    Added a new ITEMS button to use items in game.
    New cheat system/Stamina Cheat added
    Fixed issue of Loading map items are refreshed now
    Fixed the issue with rebuying Sex Skills, cannot rebuy now


    • Redid Almost all CGs for Rika
    • Can Interact with Bartender(Hana) now
    • Added BlackJack Minigame
    • Added another character Lucie, the character from the polls.
    • Some small fixes in events and Rika’s shooter Minigame
    • Added Patreon List
    • Includes 2 new CGs for Lucie
    • 2 new CGs for Hana
    • Added upto Pregnancy content for Lucie(Actual pregnancy Sprites yet to be added)
    • Added 4 status(Virgin Deflowered Broken Pregnant)
    • Added upto Level 2 Content for Hana
    • Added Elven Wine and Flowers to help Level up with Lucie
    • Changed Inventory of the Shopkeeper
    • Added an option to skip to evening when Bar opens
    • Also added Intro for a new Character ‘Maki’

    How To Install Isekai Awakening

    1. Extract
    2. Play the game

    Isekai Awakening Free Download






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