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Hypno Apli Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – The main character is a common male student who has been mixed in…

Developer: Dobuworks – DLsite
Censored: Yes
Version: 1.06
OS: Windows
Language: English (MTL)
Voiced: Japanese
Genre: 2d game, animation, male protagonist, male domination, school setting, hypnosis, groping, teasing, vaginal sex, sex toys, mindcontrol, big ass, big tits, japanese game, censored, trainer, voiced, simulation


Train a cheeky and high-flying lady using the brainwashing app
The main character is a common male student who has been mixed in as a scholarship student at a former young lady’s school that has recently co-educated.
The days of being oppressed by a young lady with a good family but a bad personality. But one day, I get a brainwashing app …
The purpose is to give in to the mind and body by making the young lady go crazy using the app, toys, and her own body.
MAX degree of freedom! Let’s make a cheeky young lady go crazy with a brainwashing app and give in to her body and soul!
The is a early alpha demo, small bugs can not be avoided (no game breaking bugs)

Hypno Apli Free Download
Hypno Apli Free Download
Hypno Apli Free Download

In ver1.0.6, Russian was implemented with the language file provided by the user!
Regarding bugs, -Bugs with a high incidence
-Serious bugs
-Bugs that can be easily fixed seem to 
have been cleared up to some extent.

Since it seems that further corrections will need to greatly tamper with the internal system, we will do it in parallel with the update work for serialization.


Classroom scene added
We have implemented a classroom scene that can be mischievous during class. Select “Classroom” or “Classroom (group brainwashing)”
at the beginning of training, and press the class start button after brainwashing.

The main character cannot be touched during normal lessons (not group brainwashing), so be
sure to wear the rotor under your clothes before starting the lesson !

Classroom (normal)

  • Released at training level 20
  • I will train secretly during class. So it can’t stand out very much
  • Only the rotor installation , leg opening instructions , and masturbation instructions can be used for training.
  • Cannot be undressed or inserted
  • The rotor is installed before the class starts . It cannot be changed during class.
  • You can use the “textbook reading” function that makes you mischievous while the heroine is reading a textbook .

Classroom (group brainwashing)

  • Released at training level 60
  • You can change the common sense of teachers and other students and do whatever you want during class
  • All training menus available
  • While teachers and students are crazy, it is recommended to make only the heroine sane by “sleep paralysis”
  • You can use the “textbook reading” function . It can be taken off or inserted during reading!

How To Install Hypno Apli

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Hypno Apli Free Download



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