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    Divine Dawn Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – is a text-based RPG in which you step into the role of a would-be hero.

    Developer: Cryswar – Patreon
    Censored: No
    Version: 0.23c
    OS: Windows, Linux, MacAndroid
    Language: English
    Genre: Text-Based, Character Creation, Male Protagonist, Creampie, Oral Sex, Titfuck, Teasing, Adventure, Combat, Fantasy, Graphic Violence, Horror, Humor, Monster, Monster Girl, Religion, Romance, RPG, Turn-Based Combat, Female Domination, Naizuri


    Divine Dawn is a text-based RPG in which you step into the role of a would-be hero, with dreams of greatness and no likelihood of achieving any of them in a peaceful world with no real genocidal threats. Then you nearly die several times in a row, discover traces of an ancient mystery and (possibly) impending doom, and go on a road trip with a colorful cast of comrades to save the world! Maybe. You’ve got a lot of fighting, therapy, adventure, and monster girls to deal with before we get to that point. Fortunately, you’ll usually have a partner at your side to help you out in fights and offer witty(?) banter(?). But only you can decide if it’s worth trading your humanity for the power you need – otherworldly energies offer much, but will change your body over time.​

    Divine Dawn Download
    Divine Dawn Download
    Divine Dawn Download

    Major updates to the opening and weapons in particular

    • The pre-temple opening of the game has been completely redone. Pick between bespoke new premade choices or a custom character builder, meet a new character, and meet a more tolerable Sam. Female Sam only; male Sam has been completely removed.
    • The temple has gotten minor updates, making it possible to skip some text, taking out some lower-quality stuff, and adding a bit more.
    • Sarah and Ashley temple scenes now have their own CGs! Minor updates to the scenes as well.
    • The game now has a LOT more backgrounds; temple is unchanged but the forest and home scenes, camp, and Badon now have proper art.
    • Amnelis sprite courtesy of Coubalt. Knight-Commander Selendis art courtesy of jfc!
    • Amnelis theme and Sofra normal/battle themes all by Ubercrow! The temple boss also has a new theme, courtesy of The Mad Duck
    • 4 entirely new weapons – Greataxe, Dual Daggers, Mana Blade, Longbow, each with unique playstyles. Almost every old weapon has been heavily reworked as well! Earth magic got a major revamp too. About 300 new abilities and ~100-150 reworked ones in total.
    • A new set of no-requirement channels, so non-mages have good access to buffs, and new Reaction system which lets you reflexively block, counterattack, or evade attacks for a certain duration or use count.
    • Significant improvements to much of the progress menu UI, showing much more info about abilities
    • Around 15-20 ish traits, some for existing weapons, some for new/magic
    • New Metatron 12-affection scene, covering the aftermath of her first lewd. More to come~

    The biggest update yet, with about four hours of content as the result of two months of work!

    • Metatron’s existing romance and Celica’s new 10-affection romance scene now lead to lewds, each with a bespoke CG with multiple variants! Celica’s CG was drawn by Nor, while Metatron’s was provided by SunsetSkyline.
    • Deliver Ina to the knight camp, meeting several new characters, running into your first main plot decision, and unlocking…
    • A new combat area, the Deepwoods Verge. Expect to target down specific enemies, deal with cancerous bullshit, and fight…
    • Siofra, an extremely hot spirit mommy drawn by Coubalt, a new character debuting as a boss!
    • Two entirely new weapons, the Shortbow and the Greatsword, each with 6-10 abilities. Shortbows excel at ability rotations to keep debuffs and statuses on enemies, and can synergize with magic to become a magic archer, while Greatswords deal ruinous damage and can cripple enemies.
    • Most weapons now have various stat bonuses and penalties, including several new magic or hybrid melee/magic weapons.
    • Ashley gained 8, 10, and 12 trust scenes, which start her along the path of her own custom martial art and reveal quite a bit about our beloved gremlin! Soon you’ll be able to follow her down the same path~
    • Maya got adorable new art, courtesy of jfc, with a boatload of new expressions!
    • Progress menu heavily revamped, with far more information and less reliance on shitty tooltips, as well as aesthetic improvements.
    • Tons of new icons for statuses and stats, especially visible in the progress menu and rightclick stats menu, courtesy of Clockwork Raven!
    • A new Charisma stat, which buffs your ally’s offensive and defensive abilities. It can benefit multiple allies, which may become relevant soon…
    • Deepwoods Verge monsters are a mix of custom stuff from Garrisen or acquired from Aekashics.
    • Deepwoods Verge background art courtesy of Chrisowl!
    • The main menu now cycles between a couple cool new backgrounds, and some of the commissioned music. Also messed with the layout slightly so it feels a little more… idk, professional.
    • A bunch of new music, particularly the Deepwoods and Sam battle/camp themes by the talented @Ubercrow, and a few from various free-use repositories.
    • Various fixes to channeled abilities; they now update targets each turn, including newly-summoned enemies or recently-dying foes, rather than needing to be re-toggled. Buff boosts and channel cost upgrades SHOULD be working properly as well, but doublecheck your pre-mastery channels.

    How To Install Divine Dawn

    1. Extract
    2. Play the game

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