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Divimera Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – Will you uncover the island’s secrets before they consume you?

Developer: Redikal Patreon
Censored: No
Version: R11
OS: Windows, Linux, MacAndroid
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG, Animated, Male protagonist, Femdom, Harem, Vanilla, Romance, Fantasy, Corruption, Big tits, Big ass, Creampie, Vaginal sex, Virgin, Groping, Teasing, Horror


When a sudden storm wrecks your ship, the only survivors are you, your sister and her nanny. The three of you are washed ashore on an uncharted island, but only two of you are rescued, taken in by an undocumented British colony.

Now your sister is missing… They’re telling you she is dead, that no one could survive outside the village, but you know better. You’ll find her, whatever it takes.

Soon, it becomes clear that the island holds many dark secrets which could threaten your life and sanity. Just where did these people come from? Why does no one go into the woods at night? What are these strange looks everyone gives you? And what has happened to your sister? Your quest is complicated by the island’s many, beautiful women who all seem to have a special interest in you… and secret agendas of their own…

Will you uncover the island’s secrets before they consume you? Or will you give in to temptation and depravity?

Divimera Free Download
Divimera Free Download
Divimera Free Download

– Continuation of the story.
– 1 new H-scene (Lily).
– Fixed index error with quests and history.
– More improvements to Android version, switching tabs should not produce crashes anymore unless you are skipping or in very rare cases.
– Translation in Spanish and Russian, updated and complete for this version.

– Rework of the art.
– Rework of the dialogues.
– Rework of the beginning to be more intuitive: you are now forced to meet the Doctor and initiate a trade with him on Day 1.
– Implemented a new android save system to avoid make you loose progress: The game will shutdown when switching apps but automatically save your progress, and you can go back to where you left off after starting the app again.
– Improved performance and got rid of some freezes when the game was using too much cache.

– Possible fix for the index error that could pop on screen (a weird error that some users had).
– Fix Molly appearing in front of Isaac burning house scene if you used some items, now you cannot use items at that time.
– You can now trade the Catharanthus Roseus item with the doctor.
– Changed the loading screen at the start of the game (It was part of the rework that started for R11, I took the opportunity to include it because I finished it this week and it was ready).

– Continuation of the story.
– 3 new H-scenes (Arabelle, Lady Hale and Charlotte).
– /!\ Recommend loading a save before the moment where the protagonist leaves his bed in the morning of Day 6 (For example, the autosave that happens before you wake up on Day 6 would be an ideal point to continue), this will make sure your save is in a good state. Otherwise, I think it will work, but just be aware you may miss certain events that were added before the church and some images might not display correctly at the beginning of the church event. /!\
– Added automatic forward in the options.
– Minor changes and improvements to some previous bits.
– Translation in Spanish and Russian, updated and complete for this version.

Rolled out R9.5 which is focused on engine improvements.
As usual, replaced all the previous links with the new version.
Last month a new version of Ren’py sdk was released by the big boss Renpytom, which brings many improvements and functionalities to the engine. It took me one week to switch to it as the project is a bit borderline for ren’py and many things tend to break which need to be fixed after a sdk update, and I also took the opportunity to further optimize the game, here are the technical changes:

– Audio side was reworked by Renpytom to a great extent which makes the audio behaves as you would expect, that means not linearly like in the past but in terms of db which is much more natural, and how our ears work (and also how windows sound slider work for example). The audio sliders in the game behave normally for the first time, and you can hear a difference along the full spectrum of the sliders now. The second important thing is ren’py before this sdk update had audio doing a lot of clicks/scratch noises when two sounds were playing on the same channel close to each other, this is something I would hear all the time while testing the game as Divimera tends to use a ton of sounds and I’m sure you did without necessarily realizing it. This is now fixed and the audio across Divimera is just perfectly smooth now thanks to the new sdk, you will never hear a weird distortion or click noise on anything, this makes me incredibly happy.

– I have now the ability to center the windows of the game and I took advantage of that functionality in R9.5, so no more awkward windows being recentered and going offscreen. Every time you will trigger a resize, the windows will be recentered in the middle.

– General stability fixes for Android, overall should see fewer crashes as some improvements were made engine-wise.

– Support for Avif, which is an image format that can be way smaller than Webp for the same quality. Right now I don’t plan to use it as the encode time takes days compared to Webp, so it isn’t suited for ongoing development but once the game is finished and there is no more change, this is something that I plan to use to make the game really small in size.

– Took the opportunity to tackle optimizations a bit as well, and reworked some of the codes for some of the in-game screens and menu, the game should feel much more responsive now, and I believe almost all lags are gone outside of the mini-game which I will try to improve later down the road.

– Continuation of the story.

– 2 new H-scenes (Molly and Washerwoman).

– Dice minigame made easier.

– Small optimizations made.

– Translation in Spanish and Russian, updated and complete for this version.

– Continuation of the story.

– 2 new H-scenes (Hale with two slightly different scenes depending on your choices, and Arabelle).

– Added virgin/purity path (minor scenes specific to it).

– Reworked the saloon dinner scene at the end of R7 to include more lore regarding the island.

– Better optimization and added launcher (from R7.5). Make sure to choose the right level of preloading for your device to avoid issues.

– Various polishes and bug fixes.

– Translation in Spanish and Russian is updated and complete for this version.


/!\ Importantregarding your saves /!\

The folder for Divimera’s saves has changed, it was named Test6 and it’s now named Divimera as you would expect. I decided to do it now because eventually I have to fix this error, and the sooner I do it the better…
To continue from your previous saves you must copy the entirety of what’s inside the Test6 folder over to the new Divimera folder. (If the folder doesn’t exist yet, you must launch R7 once for it to create that new Divimera saves folder).

  • On PC, you can find the save game folders at this path:


  • For Mac, at this path:


  • For Linux, at this path:


– Continuation of the story.
– 2 new H-scenes (Molly and Charlotte).
– Gambling game.
– Various polishes and bug fixes.
– Optimization for android, to try having fewer crashes on mid-end devices, there are still more options available if this doesn’t do it, so let’s see how it goes.
– Translation in Spanish and Russian is updated and complete for this version.

– Continuation of the story.
– 3 new h-scenes (Hale and Lily).
– Switched/upscaled all assets to 1080p, and also improved the texture work and image quality in general.
– (If the savefile image look messed up, it’s caused by the increase of resolution, this will fix itself as you start saving using R6, just a cosmetic issue).
– Translation in Spanish and Russian is updated and complete for this version.
– The navigation arrows now last longer.
– Made the hale route easier to obtain in terms of condition requirement (was too difficult and not intended to be that way).
– Various small fixes and improvements to previous parts.
The version is a bit shorter than I expected, it’s kind of sad when this has been the most complicated version to make so far (creating the whole island outside look and logic is one of the reasons and some of the sex scenes are getting more complex), it didn’t translate very well into the game length. The next version will be focused on the village, so should be less complex to create. In any case, hope you like it and it has some good moments!

– continuation of the story.
– 1 teasing scene with hale.
– 1 teasing scene with charlotte.
– 1 new h-scene.
– added one new location: the gardener shed (this location is located beyond the metallic gate of the garden and is now active starting from Day 1, we added some minor events triggerable in the previous days for this new location).
– disabling voyeur scenes in the options now fully replace the first prostitute peeking event with a new one that makes you entirely avoid the scene.
– translation in Russian and Spanish updated and complete for this version.
– various small fixes and improvements to some existing art backgrounds.
– added cheat engine to the main menu by the use of crystals.

– added Russian language (machine translation).
– added Spanish language (machine translation).
– added time of the day indicator when the time changes.
– added replay hentai scene screen.
– added new options to toggle hair (armpit/pubis) on all female characters.
– added three bad endings to the current storyline (you can now attempt to free Isaac despite the witch warning).
– added an illustration for Molly when she is idle inside the watermill.
– added new expressions to certain characters and interactions.
– expanded support for android (dedicated tutorial screen and bigger button hitbox).
– others various fixes and polishes to the existing script.


  • Continuation of the story.
  • 2 new h-scenes.
  • Fix for the saving problem concerning certain users.
  • And a load of small improvements to the previous stuff (new expressions, new audio etc.).


  • Continuation of the story.
  • Spellings correction on the previous version.
  • Reworked music and optimization of the backgrounds.

/!\ Warning /!\ If when you load a previous save, you get a sort of empty screen, this is normal, just move to another location (by clicking on where you should be one of the navigation hotspots (the grey smoke) or using the map) and it will reload correctly the files. This is caused by some optimization made, I reworked the whole organisation for the backgrounds in the game and for future versions.


  • Major update: continuation of the game up until halfway into Day 2.
  • Added android support.
  • Reworked slightly the later part of the intro (now you can take a look outside from one of the window of the corridor giving to the MC’s room and there is some events/scenes that can be seen from there).
  • Improved performance across the board

Initial release

How To Install Divimera

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Day 1
“Use her Title”
Leave, short scene with male butler, and go to the right hallway.
Feed bird if you want to.
Click door for a talk with Charlotte. Afterwards she will leave a note on the bottom of the door.
Head back to butler dude.
Try clicking the stairs and captain cock block blocks your path, so click just below the stairs.
Click left hallway then the only door.
Exit back and now right hallway.
Enter first door, this is the maid bedroom. Second door, stock room with creepy trap door.
Now head back to the 4 way hub since we DONT want to go to the kitchen yet. Go to the middle door.
Congrats, you found the porch. Now click the staircase going out to the garden to meet the Groundskeeper.
With nothing left to click, we head to the kitchen. Head back to the 4 way hub and take the right hallway.
Door at the end is the kitchen, here some convo with a new diary entry at the end.
Go to the 4 way hub and click the bottom of the screen to go out the front door.
Press “C”, & go to “Left Bank”. Click the door and go upstairs for a sex scene.
Now click left of the door for a convo with some old lady.
Press “C”, & go to “Tavern”. Click the chairs to enter it.
After the convo press “C”, & go to “Town Center”. Click the first door on the right.
Now click the center path. After short convo click the jail cell under the stocks.
Press “C”, & go to “Gates”. If you didn’t do any of the steps below, especially the sex scene click no and go back now.
“Pretend you’ve never met”.
“Remain silent.”
“Look to Lily for help.”

Day 2
“Accept Lily’s assistance.”
Nothing in chest, nor the room next to you. So head to where the butler used to be.
Guess what? Cock block be gone. Go to the right hallway and attempt to talk to Charlotte.
Nothing, so head back and click the stairs finally.
Go left and get some crippled fuck. Click the door just because then head back and go right.
Click the door again just because then head back & go back down stairs.
Go to that 4 way path again. Head to the left hallway & click the door. Congrats you found Charlotte.
“Pretend to like it.”
Now go through the middle door to find butler in the Garden.
Go back and go right. 1st door is now locked oddly. 2nd door the cellar still locked. Now Kitchen.
Dentures bitch talks to you, now leave through the side door which evidently takes you to the front of the house.
Yay, a side quest.
Head back inside and go towards your room. Instead of clicking your room click the window. I don’t know why it’s clickable or if it’ll have any significance later so here you go.
Head back to the front of the house and Press “C” then pick “Left Bank”.
Click the door and now you got a new quest.
Click “C” and go to “Tavern”.
Click “C” and go to “Town Center”. Watch a scene and you’ll end up in a new location.
Go to the left path and click the flower.
Now click the door, short scene, then pick up the candle. Grab another quest after talking to the guy inside.
Press “C” and go to “Gate” for a short convo.
Press “C” and go to “Tavern” for a short convo.
Press “C” and go to “Town Center”, now enter the hospital place. If you use the flower here you get a potion that restores sanity, but since we’re all cheaters here you can just use a save editor to give yourself the item.
Go to the center of the town and talk to the guy in the cell for another quest.
Press “C” and go to “Tavern” to get a beer. Go back to the cell and give it to the guy in the cell.
Now Press “C” and go to “Left Bank”. Talk to the old tiddy lady.
Now “C” then “Manor”.
Click the door on the right of the building (Kitchen) then go to the storage room for a small convo with Lily.
Enter the 4 way hub.
“Apologize for your behaviour.”
Now give her the Flowers (flatter her).
Go to Charlottes room.
“Just wandering around.”
Feed the parrot for no particular reason.
Press “C” and go to “Rough Houses”.
Go left, then into the middle house. Click the table for a tinderbox & use it.
Now click the top of the ladder.
Click the tinderbox again, read the note from our favorite whore, then click under the bed.
Now head straight ahead and continue forward.
HAHAHA I KILLED YOU, press the rewind button when it pops up and get the fuck out of there.
Go back to the manor & to the storage room with the cellar. Use the lockpick on it.
Go inside and use the tinderbox.
Since you have no space to hold a bottle, head towards your room for a small cutscene and to put the glass bottle into the chest.
Head up the stairs where cockblock usually stands and see cripple fuck for a small scene.
Head towards your bedroom and click that window to get an erectio- I mean vision thingy.
Now leave the place and press “C” and go to “Town Center”. Go to the cell and use the lockpick.
Now release the guy after the cutscene with the chick.
HAHAHAHAHAHA I KEEP KILLING YOU, press the rewind button and go back to the manor.
Go to your room and click the food on the table.

Day 3
Leave your room and see a small scene + 2 quests.
Knock on Charlotte’s door for another quest.
Head to the servant’s bedroom.
“Succumb to the siren song.”
Go to the Garden for a small convo.
Head to Left Bank, click on the door and give her the wine.
Go upstairs for a scene.
Go to the Tavern for a quest.
No go to the Rough Houses and go down that path I killed you on. That’s where Arabelle’s house is.
Head to the red ! on the map.
Go to town center & tavern for some thicc lore (not really, just do it tho).
Now go to left bank. Enter the sex dungeon, watermill, for tiny text. Then go talk to the old lady on the left path for diary entry.
Head to Arabelle’s house for a short nude scene & quest.
Give her the candle (idky but keeping hot girls happy is usually a good idea).
Go to left bank and enter the watermill, go upstairs and grab the hat.
Go to cemetery and click the grave. New entry added.
Go home for butler convo.
Head to kitchen for small convo.
Now head towards garden and you’ll get another convo.
Head out of the gate, then pick lock the door to get a shovel.
Now go upstairs for a lewd scene with Lady Hale.
Now to charlotte’s room for a lewd scene.
Go to gates.
“Stay where you are.”
Go to Church (if you forgot anything click no).
Go grave digging now (weirdo…)
Go to the town center and talk to the doctor.
Now go back to Anabelle’s and give her the necro shit.
Yay sex scene.
“Let her continue”
Go back home.
Enjoy the new long scene that comes with a surprise.
Go to the patio, out the gate, then into the woods on the left.
Use the axe.
Get the ever-loving fuck out of there.
Go to bed.
Follow feet.

Day 4
Good morning 
Go to charlottes room.
Go to the patio.
Now go back to the fence you broke.
Go to the lookout.
Deposit your shovel & tinder in the storage.
Go back to just before you click the fence. Click the tree with the vine.
Now use your axe
Go back to the lookout and use the rope.
Go down it.
Remember the dream? Go back to the tree in the dream (straight path ahead.
Click the symbol then the hole.
Head back towards the house.

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  1. I have a problem with Android mode. When I select a language a swirl appears and stays there for about 20-30 seconds before the game freezes and exits.

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