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Depraved Town: Remake [v0.4]


Depraved Town Free Download Latest Version

Depraved Town Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – In Depraved Town you wake up discovering that you made a deal with a Succubus…

Developer: JustAnotherDegenerate – Patreon – Discord
Censored: No
Version: 0.4
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Male Protagonist, Corruption, Anal Sex, Handjob, Incest, Loli, Male Domination, Masturbation, Milf, Mind Control, Ntr (Optional), Oral Sex, Teasing, Titfuck, Transformation, Vaginal sex, Virgin, Voyeurism, School Setting, Pregnancy.


In Depraved Town you wake up discovering that you made a deal with a Succubus, an agreement where both sides win, you can corrupt and have any women you want and she grows stronger with the corruption you cause. However, not everything will be easy, during your journey other men like you will try to interfere and in time you will discover the true nature of your contract and its consequences around it.​

Depraved Town Free Download
Depraved Town Free Download
Depraved Town Free Download

v0.4 Remake

  • VN Content
  • Sandbox Content
  • Reina Storyline
  • Reina Date
  • Reina S*x
  • Anri Storyline
  • Anri Date
  • Anri S*x
  • Ella Storyline
  • Ella Date
  • Ella S*x
  • Molli Storyline
  • Molli Date
  • Molli S*x
  • 25 New Animations
  • 4 Trophies


  • Walkthrough
  • Icons, Mini Maps and General Map
  • Bugfix


  • 24 New Animations


  • Sasaki Phase 2 Intro
  • Tora Phase 2 Intro
  • Shiroi Phase 2 Intro


  • Corrupt Ayako
  • Corrupt Nanami
  • Corrupt Kira
  • Corrupt Tora
  • Corrupt Masaka
  • Corrupt Hitagi
  • Corrupt Sasaki
  • Corrupt Shiroi
  • Corrupt Sumire
  • Corrupt Ella
  • Corrupt Anri
  • Corrupt Genji


  • Nanami
  • Tora

Sex Scenes:

  • S*x Scene: Kira
  • S*x Scene: Nanami
  • S*x Scene: Masaka
  • S*x Scene: Tora
  • S*x Scene: Hitagi
  • S*x Scene: Sasaki
  • S*x Scene: Sumire

Random Scenes:

  • Home: Ayako Taking a Bath
  • Home: Kira Taking a Bath
  • Home: Nanami Taking a Bath
  • Home: Ayako in the Bathroom Pissing
  • Home: Kira in the Bathroom Pissing
  • Home: Nanami in the Bathroom Pissing
  • Home: Sleeping/Waking Up with Ayako
  • Home: Sleeping/Waking Up with Kira
  • Home: Sleeping/Waking Up with Nanami
  • chool: Tora Teasing in Class
  • School: Masaka Teasing in Class
  • School: Rin Teasing in Class
  • School: Tora Phase 2 Teasing in Class
  • School: Hitagi Phase 2 Teasing in Class
  • School: Masaka Phase 2 Teasing in Class
  • School: Sasaki Phase 2 Teasing in Class
  • School Random Scene: Hitagi Library
  • School Random Scene: Molli Library
  • Park: Running with Kira
  • Park: Running with Nanami
  • Park: Running with Ayako
  • Park: Running with Ayako Phase 2
  • Park: Running with Masaka
  • Park: Running with Sumire
  • Beach: Masaka Sun Bathing
  • Beach: Masaka Phase 2 Sun Bathing
  • Beach: Ayako Sun Bathing
  • Beach: Ayako Phase 2 Sun Bathing
  • Beach: Tora Sun Bathing
  • Beach: Lena Sun Bathing


  • Nanami Storyline
  • Kira Storyline
  • Sasaki Storyline
  • Hitagi Storyline
  • Shiroi Storyline
  • 1.160 New Scenes for this update
  • 235 New Scenes for Old Updates
  • 38 New Animations
  • 1 Good Ending
  • Ayako Phase 2 Intro
  • Masaka Phase 2 Intro
  • 13 Unlockable Trophies


  • Masaka Progress in Sandbox
  • Few Wrong Names Display
  • Few writing mistakes
  • Power System

New Content:

  • Ayako Filler Trying Clothes
  • Ayako Filler Buying Clothes
  • Tora Filler Hanging Out Doing Nothing
  • Tora Filler Beach Date 1
  • Masaka Filler Hangover
  • Masaka Filler Bathroom Fun?
  • Masaka Filler Bar
  • Masaka Filler Bar Date


  • Masaka Storyline (Sandbox)
  • Sumire Storyline (Sandbox)
  • Masaka Walkthrough
  • Sumire Walkthrough
  • Ayako Date (Sandbox)
  • Ayako Sex (Sandbox)
  • Sandbox Events have the new Point System
  • Sumire Full Storyline (VN)
  • Masaka Full Storyline (VN)
  • Points/Power System
  • 5 New Tora Animations for Old Events
  • 1 New Ayako Animation for Old Event
  • 4 New Ayako Animations
  • 8 New Masaka Animations
  • 6 New Sumire Animations
  • 24 New Animations


  • Reworked Menu
  • New Story Events Icon
  • New Corruption Icon
  • New Events Icon
  • New Skip Time Icon
  • New Dates Icon
  • New General Map
  • New Gallery Icon
  • New Bonus Stories Icon
  • Story Content
  • Fan Art Wall (Where fan arts will be displayed)

Don’t Forget to download the bugfix! It fixes some vanilla and ntr events, if you don’t use it, they won’t work.


  • Sasaki Date
  • Sasaki Event 1
  • Sasaki Event 2
  • Sasaki Event 3
  • Rin Event 1/Date (Mixed Both Date and Event 1)
  • Rin Event 2
  • Anri Date
  • Anri Event 1
  • Reina Event 1
  • Reina Event 2
  • Nurse Sumire Event 3
  • Hitagi Event 1
  • Hitagi Event 2
  • Hitagi Event 3
  • Hitagi Event 4
  • Molli Date
  • Molli Event 1
  • Molli Event 2
  • Molli Event 3
  • Sasaki Phase 2 Event 1
  • Sasaki Phase 2 Event 2
  • Rin Phase 2 Event 1
  • 34 Animations

NTR Content:

  • Ayako/Suzune NTR Event 1
  • Ayako/Suzune NTR Event 2
  • Ayako/Suzune NTR Event 3
  • Ayako/Suzune NTR Bad Ending
  • Nanami NTR Event 1
  • Nanami NTR Event 2
  • Nanami NTR Event 3
  • Nanami NTR Bad Ending
  • Mizue NTR Event 1
  • Mizue NTR Event 2
  • Mizue NTR Event 3
  • Mizue NTR Bad Ending
  • 31 Animations


Asuna Hang out
Kira 2 Corruption Scenes
Kira Date with a few more scenes
Masaka Phase 2 Date
Masaka Phase 2 Event
Sumire Date
Sumire Event
Suzune Date
Suzune Event
10 New Animations
Phone Complete Rework
Walkthrough Updated (Kira, Masaka, Suzune, Sumire, Story)

Here it is! 0.7.5 is out for tier 1,2 and 3, this update focus on story, it’s something I needed to give more attention, I also took some side characters and made them more important for the story, in the future they will be even more. This update also feature’s a brand new Sex Shop, there you will be able to buy sexy and skimpy clothes, toys, movies and even sell some made by you and your girls. I’m thinking about making these updates (0.7.5/ 0.8.5/ etc) focused on the story and the others (0.8/ 0.9/ etc) I can focus for events and other stuff, feel free to tell me what you think. Thank you for your patience and support!

Story Content (Go to Schoolroof and take a long nap. Updated Walkthrough will be added later)
Nex Location: Sex Shop
4 Patreon Characters Introduction (Yuma, Audrey, Isabella and Emily)
1 New Main Character: Asuna (Angel)
3 New Male Side Characters for the Main Story
1 New Sumire Sex Scene
New Feature: Gallery (Credits for Masterdragonson)
Added Music to the game (Credits for Masterdragonson for coding)
New Main Menu Screen
Added a Accessebility Menu where you can change the font (press A or open the menu and click on Accessibility and choose which font you prefer)

Bugfix (Already applied):
Fixed some typos
Prevented a time loop
Fixed phone intro
Alley “Leave” option leaves to Center
Fixed a bug on “Hangout with Sun” event

Bugfix V3: Fixed Nanami Phase 3 that wasn’t triggering.

v0.7 Beta Public
Chika and Yukki Phase 2
Chika Phase 2 Sex Option
Yukki Phase 2 Sex Option
Masaka (Teacher) Phase 2
Masaka Phase 2 2 Corruption Options
Mizue (Stripper Outfit) 2 Corruption Options
Nanami Phase 3 Introduction (Event with Sex and 1 Animation)
Fumiko and Sakai Introduction (2 Patron Characters)

This bugfix is mostly done by f95zone user Masterdragonson, huge thanks to him!
Fixed some events that time didn’t advance.
Add/Reworked a few things to the Shop/Gifts. When the player doesn’t have gifts you won’t have the option to give one.
Movie Date condition for when the player doesn’t have money.
Chika and Yukki Corruption points redistributed.
Added Leave Options that were missing.
Fixed time condition for Chika and Yukki Event.
I added a condition for Nanami phase 3, that way you won’t be in a loop. And now I believe that Tora homework option won’t take you to the nurse anymore.

How To Install Depraved Town

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Extract the files into “game” sub-folder of the game..

Depraved Town Free Download





ANDROID (v0.3.5)

Incest Fix: MEGA


Rating: / 5. Vote count:


  1. Scenes/events are mix up, when doing events with Nanami for instance, it is showing a events from the sex shop girl. Also, since it has a walkthrough, would be nice to have an indication that a step(s) have been done.

  2. ce jeu est une vrai merde il sauvegarde rien du tout il y en a marre de 4h de temps pour rien qua il sauvegarde pas alors le sac a merde qui a fait ce jeu va te faire enculer sale batard de pourrie

  3. looks like crap no matter how you look at it: the MC is an asshole, the character designs are mediocre, there is no plot, just an almost unrelated set of scenes.

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