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    Degrees of Lewdity [v0.2.24.1]


    Degrees of Lewdity Free Download Latest Version

    Degrees of Lewdity Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – You must make some quick cash to keep living at the orphanage or bad things happen.

    Developer: Vrelnir SubscribeStar
    Censored: No
    OS: Windows, Linux, AndroidMac
    Language: English
    Genre: 2DCG, Text based, Male protagonist, Female protagonist, Character creation, Bestiality, Vaginal sex, Anal sex, Oral sex, Rape, Prostitution, School setting, Animated, Tentacles, Combat, Futa/trans, Gay, Internal view, Interracial, Lesbian, Mobile game, Simulator, Transformation, Turn based combat, Vore, Sandbox, Monster girl, Titfuck, Creampie


    You play as a young student living at an orphanage. You must make some quick cash to keep living at the orphanage or bad things happen. *Most fetishes are optional.​

    Degrees of Lewdity Free Download
    Degrees of Lewdity Free Download
    Degrees of Lewdity Free Download

    • Added an option to reduce stress, trauma and obedience at night while at Remy’s farm. Written by Harcher and coded by bsmith.
    • You can now wrap a towel around Wren after Blackjack. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
    • Added a bench proper, which appears during a scene with Whitney in the park. Art courtesy of Kodi.
    • Added new art for the hoodie chest piece and sleeves. Courtesy of KG.
    • Added damage states for the cheerler skirt. Art courtesy of KG.
    • Added the kilt and tam o’ shanter to the clothing shop. Art courtesy of KG.
    • Pom poms are now a hand garment, separate from the cheerleading top. Thanks to KG.
    • Added the cat hat to the clothing shot. Art courtesy of Borb.
    • Added the holy stole to the forest shop, unlocked by reaching maxiumum grace. Art courtesy of PurityGuy.
    • Added icons for puffer jackets, camo shirts, star pyjama shirts and moon pyjama shirts. Art courtey of Borb.
    • Added location art for the residential alleyways. Art courtesy of Mewsic Box.
    • Added location art for the riding school. Art courtesy of Korky.

    Balance Changes

    • The fumes from the burning field at the Remy estate will now drug the PC.
    • Eden’s clothes can now only be repaired, and their supplies taken stock of, once per day.
    • You can now ask Eden for help searching the forest a limited number of times per day based on love.

    Bug Fixes

    • The “Black Wolf the Alpha” feat is now correctly named.
    • Ignoring a boat at out sea will no longer scare away any squid attached to you.
    • Hovering over an item at the clothing shop in Chrome will no longer make coloured text flicker. Thanks to Sommar.
    • The crop top’s name will no longer be capitalized all the time. Thanks to braymann.
    • Revealing small breasts when dancing will now have the proper exhibitionism requirement. Thanks to braymann.
    • Being sold to the Underground Brothel will no longer make you unafraid of Bailey again. Thanks to braymann.
    • Wren will no longer lie about sitting on your lap when playing Blackjack.
    • Fixed a bug that caused promiscuous options to trigger twice when playing Blackjack.
    • Flirting when Wren straddles the PC will now impact text.
    • Added new art for the flaps fringe style. Thanks to Borb.

    How To Install Degrees of Lewdity

    1. Extract
    2. Play the game

    Degrees of Lewdity Free Download


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