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Defective Sexbot Chop Shop [v0.4.0]


Defective Sexbot Chop Shop Free Download Latest Version

Defective Sexbot Chop Shop Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – You were an engineer at BioBotics division of Mitsutachi Corporation.

Developer: Radnor Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.4.0
OS: Windows, Linux, AndroidMac
Language: English
Genre: PoV, 3DCG, Mobile Game, Sci-fi, Dystopian Setting, Male Protagonist, Character creation, Handjob, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Harem, Sandbox, Management, Trainer


You were an engineer at BioBotics division of Mitsutachi Corporation and accepted an industrial espionage offer from a shady group.
Everything was great, you made quite some money. Until you were found by corporate counter-intelligence. Due to the sensitive nature of your situation and more importantly, due to lots of old favors owed, you were merely thrown out with a large debt, but at least alive.
With your black mark, you were unable to find any half-decent work at any legit company and decided to rent an old chop shop and do what you can do best – repair sexbots.​

Defective Sexbot Chop Shop Free Download
Defective Sexbot Chop Shop Free Download
Defective Sexbot Chop Shop Free Download

– gameplay: add random event system
– internal: separate home/work random events from home/work interaction
– internal: add random event hooks to various interactions for future use
– content: sleep event
– quelity-of-life: restore parts stacks/combining
– quality-of-life: do-not-sell now works per-item-type, not per-item
– quality-of-life: show total number of parts with same id
– gameplay: missions system
– content: “scavenge” bot mission
– modding: load bot missions from mods
– gameplay: “warranty seals” flags/system
– fix: various minor issues

– modding: load mods zip archives from “game/mods/” and “<%USER/GAME%>/saves/” folders
– modding: moddable game constants, “dscs_tunings” dict
– modding: remove existing entities with “-id” format, supporting * wildcard
– modding: moddable name variant tables, “name_tables” dict
– gameplay: generic part slots, allowing bots with different parts layout
– modding: moddable part slots, “bot_part_slots” dict
– gameplay: generic roles, allowing advanced roles, combining two or more simple roles
– modding: moddable roles, “bot_roles” dict
– quality-of-life: movies audio channel played on voice mixer, muted by default
– gameplay: universal xp_mult parameter for bot models/parts/defects, catch-all/per-skill/eval
– gameplay: part damage_on_remove parameter, int/float/list of floats/”destroy”
– code-stub: power_consumption part parameter, powercores will have negative
– code-stub: list of dump site scavenge loot found during current visit
– code-stub: changeable max energy/AP
– code-stub: automatic traits appearing depending on real-time conditions
– code-stub: bot parts special effects
– code-stub: MC implants
– code-stub: MC installed software
– code-stub: bots installed software
– quality-of-life: bulk sell part type at workshop part-tinker screen
– quality-of-life: bulk sell options to workshop inventory, by rate or irreparable defects
– quality-of-life: togglable do-not-sell flag for bots and parts
– modding: use preview image as main if no associated movie/image is found
– quality-of-life: repair-random-bot workshop button, with repeat
– gameplay: “shopkeeper” role, combining techie/clerks roles and passively operating shop
– workshop upgrade: bots storage room, bot interaction costs 1AP to “power up”
– gameplay: NetConsole system, network interactions hub at home
– gameplay: NetConsole, “Grey Market BBS”, buy/sell/trade/flavor offers
– gameplay: combat/social smart/dumb traits

How To Install Defective Sexbot Chop Shop

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Defective Sexbot Chop Shop Free Download







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