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    Corrupted Kingdoms [v0.17.0]


    Corrupted Kingdoms Free Download Latest Version

    Corrupted Kingdoms Download Walkthrough + Inc Patch Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – As tensions rise between the humans and the mythical creatures that lurk just outside of sight, will you stand as a beacon of hope…

    Developer: ArcGames Patreon
    Censored: No
    Version: 0.17.0
    OS: Windows, Linux, Android, Mac
    Language: English
    Genre: 3dcg, adventure, ahegao, animated, corruption, fantasy, male protagonist, masturbation, mind control, mobile game, monster, monster girl, pregnancy, rape, rpg, spanking, handjob, oral sex, vaginal sex

    You are the hero – or possibly villain – of this tale, originally on a journey to discover why your family was driven out of your home town, but quickly thrust into events beyond anything you could ever have imagined. As tensions rise between the humans and the mythical creatures that lurk just outside of sight, will you stand as a beacon of hope… or use your newfound power to bring the world under your control?​

    Corrupted Kingdoms Free Download
    Corrupted Kingdoms Free Download
    Corrupted Kingdoms Free Download


    • System: New PAPERDOLL system! This should allow you to dress up the girls however you want. Currently only working on Jessica while I work out the kinks!
    • Jessica: New mini event (go to the front door and “Check the Door”)!
    • Misc: Tidied up a couple minor points to make it more clear on what you have to do
    • Bug: Gwen would still text you as her old self if she was in Yandere mode. Now the poor girl gets a break… ooh, sorry, bad choice of words…
    • Bug: Chloe and Jessica were sinking into the ground in one scene. The concrete quicksand has been filled in and they’re safe now
    • Bug: After seeing Emma’s event in the kitchen at night, the nav bar was still hiding. It has now been coaxed back to its rightful place
    • Bug: The nav bar was showing the wrong location as active after Emma’s evening kitchen event. The shaking moved the icons around!
    • Bug: Suddenly, there on the horizon! An oasis! And where there’s oases there’s water… or, if you’re the Typo Hero, a waiter


    • Emma: Find out what happened to Emma (if you brought her back to the Manor)!
    • Emma: Mini-event in the kitchen at night (random chance)!
    • Lucille: Find out what happened to Lucille (if you brought her back to the Manor)!
    • Lucille: New naughty event in the bathroom (random chance – must be AFTERNOON)!
    • Bug: Hana’s spirit was haunting the kitchen even if you didn’t save her. Spooky
    • Bug: Some events were triggering at night when they shouldn’t have. Everyone is back in bed, now!
    • Bug: Typo Hero’s troop continues its trek through the endless desert… not a typo to be found! If this carries on, they’re going to have to look for… other forms of sustenance…


    • Molly: Find out what happened to Molly (if you brought her back to the Manor)!
    • Ard/Hana: Find out what happened to Ard/Hana (if you brought them back to the Manor)!
    • Bug: The Manor navigation bar was displaying over the Decorations bar. No decorating for you and your gross hands!
    • Bug: Ami’s intro would loop until you talked to her. Apparently some people were just… walking away? Monsters
    • Bug: Ami would appear by the window even if you didn’t save her. Her ghost still wants to protect you…
    • Bug: Typo Hero and his childhood friend find themselves in the centre of a vast desert… not a typo to be seen… disaster! For them, not for the Dread Arc, who is very happy


    • Act Three: You can now move around the Manor! (You can’t leave it, though, and many rooms aren’t implemented just yet)
    • Ami: Find out what happened to Ami! (If you saved her)
    • Gwen: Find out what happened to Gwen!
    • Misc: Reworked the “East Hall” and “West Hall” graphics
    • Bug: Removed the “no more content…” notice from the Mystery Lead. Now there is more content!
    • Bug: The storm passes and the clouds clear as Typo Hero and his childhood friend emerge from their shelter and set their eyes once again on the Rambling Tower…


    • ACT TWO FINALE: Part two, in which revelations are revealed and tautologies are… tautened..?
    • Bug: Removed some sneaky axis lines from one of the renders
    • Bug: Tweaked the Fishgirls/Marina event so you can’t kick it off if it’s night time
    • Bug: You are no longer forced into the mountain lake when checking on the fishgirls at the marina. Man, that undertow was rough!
    • Bug: Shaking the water from his cloak, the Typo Hero drops the meagre results of his foraging by the fire and shakes his head, glancing at the raging storm around the Rambling Tower. “Not yet,” he says. “Not yet…”


    • ACT TWO FINALE: Some things go right and some things go very, very wrong. This will change everything!
    • Bug: Removed a couple “no more content in this version” notices that were no longer applicable
    • Bug: Removed a defunct option from the Qarinah questline that didn’t serve any purpose anymore
    • Bug: Storm clouds roil in the darkling skies above. The Typo Hero and his childhood friend hunker down in a makeshift shelter and decide to wait for whatever is happening with the Dread Arc to pass


    • Jackie: New Jackie event!
    • Jackie: New Jackie naughty event!
    • Samantha: New Samantha naughty event!
    • Samantha: You can now enter Samantha’s apartment whenever you like!
    • Bug: Setting up camp for the night, Typo Hero and his childhood friend boil up a thick stew over an open fire. Wait, is that… feet? Oh, no, thank goodness…. it’s meat

    Fish Girls: You can now meet and… ahem… interact with the fish girls at both the Marina and the Lake!
    Bug: You could repeat the Fish Girls event by whistling in the Nexus multiple times. No more fish girl events for you! You’re going to overstock the Marina…
    Bug: MC apparently couldn’t tell the difference between Emma and her kid. Awkwaaaaaaard. Now he can!
    Bug: With a swish and a THUNK the Gnome of Names was slain with a single blow. Typo Hero nods to his childhood friend, the wielder of Dyslexic Devilry, and focuses his gaze once more on the home of the Dread Arc


    • Jackie: You can now meet “normal” Jackie!
    • Jackie: You can now switch between “normal” Jackie and Jackie(?) at will!
    • Explore: New Evening Explore option for the Town Map (EXPLORE at night, and select the “go for a stroll” option)!
    • Chloe: The “Tacent Voces” potion effect now stacks on Chloe, instead of capping out at seven days!
    • Inventory: You can now buy multiples of a single item, and they stack in your inventory! (HUGE thanks to CursedFlame91 for the code!)
    • Save/Load Pages: The Save/Load screens now have a scrollbar at the bottom to help you quickly get to those higher page numbers! (Thanks to CursedFlame91 for the code snippet!)
    • Bug: Unlocking Chloe’s Witch outfit caused an endless looping sound effect. The attention-seeking sound has been disciplined
    • Bug: Typo Hero awakens in the hidden church of the Sisters of Slang. A familiar face hands him his sword and shield with a grin. Welcome back, sleepy-head

    Jackie(?): Cosplay Fashion! You can now get Jackie(?) to pose in her normal outfit!
    Jackie(?): You can now be naughty with Jackie(?) in her normal outfit!
    Jackie(?): Some new dialogue lines for Jackie(?)
    Apartment: You can now unlock Samantha’s apartment on the Town Map! No more having to go via EXPLORE! Just visit the apartment to trigger the map unlock
    Pregnancy: Some naughty scenes didn’t give you the opportunity to impregnate the girls. Now they do! YOU get a baby! And YOU get a baby!
    College: Pool Twins and Basketball girls didn’t get new dialogue when you maxed out your Authority. Now they do!
    Misc: Replaced the “???” property cards with blank placeholder cards to avoid confusing people, since those properties aren’t available yet. Thanks to CursedFlame91 for the graphic!
    Bug: New sound system had some bugs (of course) with endlessly-repeating audio. No more torture! So long as you tell me what I want to know…
    Bug: Some people thought the new animations were a bit fuzzy. They have been shaved. I mean updated. Yes… updated…
    Bug: A few graphical/display bugs have been fixed (ghost festival, third mother meeting and Nexus button in the bunker)
    Bug: Typo Hero clings to the voice, pulling himself from the dark mire of unconsciousness… the voice… his childhood friend’s voice… all this time he’d thought she was dead, but no… she was really only deaf!

    Version Upgrade: Updated to the latest Ren’py version, which will hopefully solve the crashing issues some Android users have been experiencing
    Jackie: You can now visit Jackie in Samatha’s building whenever you like!
    Jackie: Cosplay Fashion! You can now get Jackie to pose in the “Zero Suit” outfit!
    Jackie: Cosplay Fashion! You can now get Jackie to pose in the “Bowsette” outfit!
    Jackie: New naughty event – pick her cosplay outfit! (Zero Suit and Bowsette currently available. More to come!)
    College: Madison and Veronica will now be wearing the correct uniform when you get the “no more education decreases” event
    Coding: Updated the code used for sound effects, adding an “ambient” layer and separating the system and in-game sounds. This should allow for more sound layering, as well as greater stability
    Bug: Talking to Chloe before Jessica right after the Act One finale would skip time, preventing you from talking to Jessica until the following day. Now you can’t talk to Chloe until you’ve spoken to Jessica. Sorry, Chloe!
    Bug: Ambient sounds weren’t looping, and sound effects were sometimes getting cut off. All working now! I hope
    Bug: A voice in the darkness… a hand reaching through the void… a soft, strangely familiar voice that whispers… Rise… Typo Hero!

    Alice: You can now invite Alice to the farm to meet Annie, Kana and the daycare kids!
    College: If you have maxed out your Authority then Education will no longer decrease! (Just enter the college for the scene)
    Bug: Second Mother’s scene was playing no matter what you selected. She wasn’t taking no for an answer!
    Bug: As the light fades to a single pinprick, Typo Hero let’s out a solitary gasp… “hlep!”

    How To Install Corrupted Kingdoms

    1. Extract
    2. Play the game
    Extract the files into “game” sub-folder of the game.

    Corrupted Kingdoms Free Download








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